5 Netflix Daredevil Quotes that Can Teach Us About Life

Netflix Daredevil has taken the TV viewing audience by storm, with even skeptics changing their mind. While the show is far from perfect, as hardcore fans will point out, there is a lot that makes it one of the most kickass-est TV shows this year.

You probably feel the same way as I do when it comes to the fighting, beating ups, and all those stunts that defy physics – awesome! But there is another aspect of the show that struck a chord with me. Call it old school values or whatever you wish, but Daredevil (maybe surprisingly) gave me a lot of life lessons to mull over.

You may or may not have had the same experience, but here are some Netflix Daredevil quotes that go beyond the usual badass superhero story.

1. “A woman who can be bought is not worth having at all.” – Fisk

This was the first quote that stuck with me, and I was truly surprised that I would “find” this quote while watching Netflix Daredevil. Of course, guys, this applies to you as well. ;)

2. “You’ve got to feel what’s not there as much as what is.” – Matt Murdock

Often, we look at what we have and get caught up in it – whether they’re material things or people with whom we interact. This may result in remaining in the same situation forever – which may not be the best – when all the time, what you need is right under your nose the whole time, which you either have been ignoring or you have simply not been aware of.

3. “Some fights just get you bloody.” – Silvio, mobster

It’s a fact of life. We all face fights of different natures. Some you win. Some you lose. Then there are those that are on a different level, where you just get darn bloody. The question is whether it’s worth the effort or not.

My take: Choose your battles.

4. “It is the clever man who plays the fool.” – Madam Gao

She doesn’t beat up people. She doesn’t shout. But Madam Gao is one of the strongest characters in the show in my eyes. And she’s got a trunkful of sayings.

This quote has been repeated so many times – in one version or another, but it is a good reminder that sometimes, it is better to lie low and keep your knowledge rather than flaunt it.

Bottom line: Don’t lay all your cards on the table.

5. “It may not seem like it, but everything is going to be okay.” – Foggy Nelson

Cliche alert!

Every parent, partner, or friend has said this a gazillion times to someone they love who needs to hear it. Sometimes “okay” doesn’t immediately happen. Often it takes time.

I don’t have to say this, but I’ll say it anyway, we all know that whatever happens, everything will be okay at some point. Even if it’s not exactly the outcome we were hoping for.

Hearing it from a good soul like Foggy just makes one feel a tad more positive. Even if it’s just a TV show.

There are probably more Netflix Daredevil quotes that I have missed, but I won’t complain if I have to rewatch the whole season just to spot them. How about you, did you spot quotes that you can consider to be life lessons? Let us know!

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