Stranger Things was a fantastic show, and if you geeks are anything like me, you are already going through withdrawals. Well, I have some good news. stranger Things is by no means the first or only science fiction show, and it definitely won’t be the last. And some even better news? The following shows I am going to tell you about to fill your Stranger Things void are all available on Netflix, right now, so when you are done with this article, you know what to do next. *Wink

Black Mirror

I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again until every person I know and respect has watched this amazing British TV show. Black Mirror is the Twilight Zone as if it were written by Stephen King and Philip K. Dick. Go, watch it, now.

Thank me later (especially when it comes back as a Netflix original in the next year with all new episodes).

Twin Peaks

Did you like the surreal aspects of Stranger Things? Than you will love this bizarre murder mystery whose main character is the town itself and its many insane inhabitants. Plus, this will fill you in on this amazing show before the reboot/sequel/whatever comes out soon on Showtime (made by original’s creator, David Lynch).

The Returned

What would you do if you heard a knock on your door one day, only to open it and find someone who you KNEW died some time ago, standing there, looking like they did when they died (same age etc)? You know you cannot answer that, and that is what makes The Returned so interesting.

Why are they back? What do they want? Where did they go? What happens next? Those questions that drive the show are what will drive you to keep watching.

American Horror Story

Okay, so it may be a bit more mature (like ass to ass type of stuff) than the mild Stranger Things, but American Horror Story’s hook is not in the episodes themselves, but rather spread across whole seasons. You see, instead of following TV tradition, this show takes the same cast every season and places them into a DIFFERENT horror story, every time.

It is a cool take on usual TV and jumps around enough to keep even those with killer ADD tuned in to see what happens next.

Penny Dreadful

Okay, I will start this out with a warning. This show was (unceremoniously) canceled and therefore not allowed to finish its badass story. To not tell you that before you fall in love with it would be cruel. What I can tell you is, even in its short lifespan, Penny Dreadful was a gothic blast of creepy entertainment that deserved a bigger audience.

It is sort like the idea of League of Extraordinary Gentleman made of zombie killers and vampires and such. It may sound campy, but it works deliciously well in execution.

So there you go. Five shows you can binge on to fill the gaping void inside of you until Stranger Things decides to come back and answer more of its questions while throwing some new ones at us, too.

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