One thing about being gamers is, we tend to be a bit sadistic at certain points in games. By sadistic I mean, we find great amusement out of either inflicting great pain or causing massive amounts of destruction and chaos. I truly believers gamers lean towards those actions in games because it is the last thing most of us would do in real life, so it is kinda fun to get to see how psychos and sociopaths live for a little while. And what is even better is, most game publishers seem like they WANT people to play some of their games sadistically, so they set up special spots and occasions for just such atrocities.

Here are 5 oddly sadistic (and weirdly satisfying) moments and action from gaming.

Oddly enjoyable sadistic moments in games

Lemmings (The WHOLE Damn Thing)


So you are a human who is trying to keep Lemmings from blindly walking off ledges into chopping blades and shit. At first, you feel like you can do it. But then you hit a moment when you realize these little bastrds are just nuts and saving them is futile. So you sorta just switch and either take pleasure in letting them all walk off into death, or you end a level, which in an even better display causes them to explode in a colorful burst.

Yeah, wont lie. That was always very gratifying to me.

Abusing Rag Doll Physics Deaths


When I first encountered rag doll death physics in games was one of the greatest moments in my life. Gone were the generic, looping death animations of most games, replaced by an almost comical “someone goes limp and kinda gravity free for a second” game mechanic that was just immediately great fun to watch and cause.

I think it was GTA IV that really showed me just how funny and just how amusing rag doll physics deaths were. I swear, I made Niko fly through every windshield in that city at one point.

Now THAT is sadistic gaming.

Abusing Leon in Resident Evil 4


It is around the time in Resident Evil 4 when the chainsaw guy comes out that you realize this game isn’t playing around. The first time you see Leon’s specific death animation for the chainsaw guy (off with his head), it hits you. I bet there are a shit-ton of cool other death animations in this game as well!

So, you kinda let each new creature or scenario kill Leon so you can see just how dope and twisted and unsettling it is. Yup, that is sadism, even if all DO eventually come around and stop punishing him long enough to finish the game. Same theory can be applied to most recent Tomb Raider and Dead Space games.

Their death animations are varied and awesome and well worth checking out.

Playing “Dark Side” In Knights of the Old Republic


There is no game on Earth that will make you feel as sick or as guilty as playing as a bad guy as the original Knights of the Old Republic RPG will. From stealing a widow’s only sell-able wares at an outside store to making best friends kill each other, Bioware went deep and cruel with their decision trees in this game, and some of them are just beyond belief.

Hell, I don’t even think they were gratifying as much as they were somewhat soul shattering. You kill party members you had beside you the whole game while they beg for mercy. Doesn’t get much more sadistic the that.

Oh wait. Yes it does……

‘No Russian’ Level from Modern Warfare 2


While the scene and the implications from the scene are truly dark, what I have learned is, even though they do not have to, 90% of all gamers DO OPEN FIRE on the crowd of innocents in the airport. Some gamers even post videos of them using knives and taunting the people before killing them.

This is the one the skirts that fine line because it is so damn realistic and unsettling, it actually makes you want to put the controller down afterwards and take a shower. That is about as sadistic as sadistic moments in gaming get.

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