5 Reasons 'Preacher' Is Going to be AMC's Best Show Yet

AMC has changed the game of television forevermore. From the moment they aired the first episode of Breaking Bad, they had already hit gold. An adult audience who wanted a story that was on par with film (and better in most cases) and we finally got it. This opened the door for a ton more mature content heading to the amazing channel (Into the Badlands being one great example). But knowing that Preacher will be coming this year will change everything. AMC has done a fantastic job of adapting The Walking Dead for the screen, so what should we expect from the Preacher adaptation?

If AMC’s other shows are any indication, we are about to get AMC’s best show yet. Here are 5 reasons why AMC’s Preacher will blow you away (if they do it right). Keep in mind, NO SPOILERS here for the show or comic so don’t worry. Just going to whet your appetite.

The Flawed Lead

First of all, obviously the show is based around the titular preacher character. A deeply flawed character who, though a “holy” man, has quite a few failings of his own. He likes the bottle (who doesn’t) and he has a tendency to not always follow his vows. This is what sets the tone for the show. A deeply flawed man people turn to for strength and wisdom, yet the man himself barely has any (at first).

Something happens to the man very early on, and while I wont spoil it for you, I will say it changes his fate forever.

Supporting Cast of Unforgettable Characters

What makes Preacher even more encompassing than Walking Dead to me are the characters. While the Walking Dead was awash in many insane personalities, Preacher dials back the main characters to roughly three. While there is a myriad of side characters that come and go, the main journey you take during Preacher is with Preacher himself,  Jesse Custer, his friend Cassidy (my personal fave, I wont ruin his plot twist here) and his love interest and former flame, Tulip.

The dynamic between these three in the comic was fantastic, and if they nail that same chemistry, this is a twisted cast that the world will be transfixed by. Especially when you come to figure out the grand plan of what they are trying to pull of (hint, it involves a word with the man upstairs, if you catch my drift). Seriously, this shit gets crazy, like a roller coaster you ride blindfolded so you can’t see the twists coming.

How F*cked Up It Gets

Preacher is dark. Like creepy old man having sex with sides of beef dark. Like fat man crushing smaller men to death dark. Like being buried in a coffin alive underwater for days at a time and talking to your dead movie heroes to not go insane dark. Yes, those are all literal plot lines from Preacher. This comic has a massive following for a reason. And while AMC’s stuff is usually dark, what changes Preacher from that formula is that is laughs at itself and knows how insane it is.

It is self-aware madness, which we all know is probably the best kind.

The Saint-of-Killers

You know badass bad guys, yet you don’t. For every person who has seen characters like Javiar Bardem from No Country for Old Men have an idea what this baddie will be like. A cowboy with a real gift for killing, he is the man who will be hot on Jesse’s trail for quite some time, and I can promise you a screen presence that we will all not soon forget.

Hell, he was scary as hell as a comic character, I cannot wait to see how they breathe life into this soulless bastard. Now onto the other extreme…..


I will end this article by saying that Preacher has a character called Arseface. I will not tell you why he is called that, as you will come to find out on your own. A lot of real Preacher fans all said this:

As long as I find out Arseface IS cast on the show, it will tell me AMC is doing right by the comic.

Well, Arseface has been cast on the show (and they have even released photos of what he looks like) and put it this way, AMC has got this shit so spot-on so far. If they do Preacher right, AMC will have their best show to date, mark my words. You have NEVER seen anything like Preacher before, and that is going to be what makes it so damn fantastic in a world where every show is a clone of something else.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNgI2sRzr8I&w=640&h=360]

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