5 Ridiculous Bootleg Consoles

Video game consoles have come a long way since Magnavox’s Odyssey (if you have never heard of that before, it was the first video game console that you could hook up to a regular television). They have come such a long way that people all over the world have tried to copy the most successful ones. And when I said copy, I am not talking about copying the best assets of the mainstream consoles. I’m talking about copying a console in the worst possible way, thus creating some of the most ridiculous bootleg consoles.

Five ridiculous bootleg consoles

Mini Polystation 3

If you have not guessed it yet, this is the copy of the PlayStation 3 but smaller… a lot smaller. The controller is so small that you might want to have a baby holding it for you while you play. Unlike the PlayStation 3 it comes with an LCD screen so you can play some amazing LCD games (LCD games are the games were there is a fixed background and the character only moves like in three different ways). Do you want to know what is also amazing? You can turn it on by just adding three AA batteries.


You have three seconds to guess what console this one is copying…three…two…one.

If you said the SEGA Dreamcast, you are absolutely right. This console spends its days living like a Dreamcast. It plays Dreamcast games (you can put the actual Dreamcast discs inside of it and it will run them) and it also has a small monitor on top of it so that you don’t have to connect it to a TV.

Pretty smart, huh? That might be the console’s only highlight because the controller that it comes with does not support VMU. The VMU is essential for storing your save data so that you don’t have to restart whatever game you are playing from the beginning every single time you want to play. Well, so much for playing SEGA Dreamcast games.


I do not know why, but the first time that I saw this console I was cracking up just by looking at the name. It sounds just like my neighbor’s dog’s name, Wiwi. Anyways, the MiWi-xtra is ripping off the Wii. It does it so well that it doesn’t even play Wii, GameCube or Nintendo 64 games.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t play any Nintendo games. The games that the MiWi plays, look like the games that they use in schools to teach children how to count and read. The best part is that it comes with three controllers, two that look like the Wii controllers and one that  looks like the Nintendo 64 controller but does not have a joystick.

Mega Drive Extreme

This is the only console that I know of that is a hybrid between three totally different consoles from three totally different companies: the PlayStation, the Xbox and the SEGA Genesis.  The body looks like an Xbox, the controller looks like a PlayStation controller on steroids and it plays SEGA Genesis games. Now that I think about it, what better way to get all three different consoles for the price of one? Actually, this is probably like 20 bucks.

Super Megason IV

The Polystation is not the only bootleg console that wants to look like a PlayStation. The Super Megason IV would love to be a PS One. It looks very close to a PS One, but unfortunately for the Megason, looks are not everything. As soon as you open it, you will find out that everything is a deception because it does not play discs at all. The Megason only plays Famicom games. It also comes with a hand gun that to my surprise, actually looks really cool, but remember looks are not everything.

Check out the video featuring all these consoles.

Have you played any of these?

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This post was written by Rafael Christian, husband, step-father, actor and gamer. He likes talking and writing about video games. Became a professional gamer at the age of 3 and hasn’t stopped ever since. Besides all of the above, he also loves Star Wars and lightsabers.

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