5 Superhero Accessories That Make Them Who They Are

The way a superhero looks – particularly in what they wear – is crucial to who they are and what they do. After all, Spiderman might not have quite the effect during his crime fighting duties if he ditched the iconic outfit and just rocked up in a pair of jeans instead.

However, it’s not just about the costumes when it comes to indentify and making a superhero come to life. Their accessories have a big role to play, too. We’ve taken a look at 5 of the most iconic accessories in the world of superheroes, and why they’re so important to their owners.

1. Batman’s utility belt


Ok so this is probably the accessory on the list that we’re most jealous of, and the one we wished we had most in real life, because let’s face it…what doesn’t Batman have in there?! In its first appearance, the belt contained chocking gas capsules, and it’s come a long way since then. Each of the ten pouches or cylinders contains various tools integral to Batman’s war on crime, with the cylinders being interchangeable with each other.

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2. Thor’s hammer


The Nordic god of thunder – aka Thor – also has an accessory that would be pretty cool to get out at parties. His hammer; the Mjolnir is depicted in Nordic mythology as one of the most fearsome weapons in creation, with the power to level mountains, only available to those who are deemed ‘worthy’. You can read more about those who were deemed worthy to lift Thor’s hammer here.

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3. Wolverine’s claws


Perhaps not very practical to the average Joe, but pretty damn cool, no list of superhero accessories would be complete without Wolverine’s iconic claws. The claws are so iconic in fact, that actor Hugh Jackman who brought the role to life in the X Men franchise got himself 176k likes on Instagram for a photo his posted with them. Though it’s worth mentioning the caption; ‘WOLVERINE. ONE LAST TIME. HJ’. Emotional stuff!

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4. Green Lantern’s ring


We’ve all put any old ring on and pretended we were Green Lantern – there’s no shame in that. After all, the rings that vary slightly depending on the Green Lantern in question are considered by some to be the most powerful weapons in the known universe. Depending on the skill and willpower of the wearer, it can allow the wearer to do almost anything.

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5. Spiderman’s web shooters



Where would a spider be without its web, and where would our favourite arachnid superhero be without his web shooters? Enabling him to swing from place to place, tie up his enemies and build webs, Spiderman’s web shooters have pretty much remained the same throughout his life.

It’s also well worth mentioning one of the most iconic accessories of the alter ego of Spiderman – Peter Parker. His glasses (along with the glasses of many other superhero alter egos) have become a huge staple of who they are, and have meant that they’ve translated well into the lives of their fans. There’s a great infographic here from ShadeStation.co.uk that has taken a look at the top superheroes for whom glasses are a main part of their appearance.

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