5 Superhero Costumes Guaranteed to Give You an Awesome Valentine's Date


It’s almost that time of year again, love is in the air and for some it’s a time of romantic candle lit dinners, cheesy rom coms and the obligatory bunch of roses, sure they might get the job done but wouldn’t it be easier and infinitely cooler to don your favourite superhero costume and let the suit do all the talking??? Of course it would!

But not all suits are created equal, turn up dressed in your finest Aquaman suit and despite your best intentions the only thing you’ll be sleeping with this valentines will be a couple of starfish! Don’t worry; we’ve scoured the comic-verse and found 5 costumes all but guaranteed to get you laid give you a sizzling evening this Valentine’s.

Iron Man aka Tony Stark


There are so many reasons why an iron man costume will get the job done this valentine. First and foremost we must be thankful to Sir Robert Downey Jnr for swooning so many ladies over the past few years ensuring that the Iron Man costume is forever associated with a wise cracking, ladies’ man who happens to be dam near invincible. Not only have that, but the suit offers convenient access to the face area for some late night lipped smacking action, saucy. The one quite considerable caveat to this suggestion is that the costume itself must be a near 1:1 reproduction of the real deal and be made from at the very least, high impact ABS plastic to really keep the dream alive; fabric imitations simply won’t cut it my friends.

For bonus points, MAJOR bonus points that is, consider making your own costume – easy enough with the proliferation of reasonably affordable 3D printers right?

Dr. Manhattan


Ahh Dr. Manhattan, almost certainly the most awesome of the giant, bright blue variety of superhero. Once again, the associations with the big guy are what are really going to seal the deal for you, mysterious? Check, intelligent? Check, tormented? Check, if that trio won’t get you in the good graces of a pretty lady, then I don’t know what will. Wait, yes I do it’s probably going to be the addition of Mr. Blue’s huge ‘piece’, presuming you have the goods to back up this costume that is. Yes this isn’t one for the faint hearted as it essentially involves painting yourself blue, potentially indulging in some surgical ‘enhancements’ and bathing in miracle grow weeks prior to the big night.  If you’re feeling self-conscious you can always opt for the suited Dr. Manhattan look as pictured but that mostly defeats the point of this costume.

White Queen aka Emma Frost


Phwoooar, if ever a word (is that a word??) was to be uttered in front of a superhero, that superhero would be the relatively unknown Emma Frost aka White Queen. An equally feisty and beautiful character of X-men fame, a foe turned friend who, who whilst wearing fairly generic super-hero attire still provides plenty of opportunity for skimpy outfits who’s only requirement is to be white, a small detail that in practice makes this superhero costume a worthy addition to the list on its practical benefits alone. Emma if we can address her so casually, has more to offer however as her powers include both telepathy and diamond like durability, both providing great opportunities for banter with the opposite sex that’s sure to open doors. This costume is an easy DIY effort but if you’re not feeling so crafty there are multiple options available on Ebay.

Gambit aka Remy Etienne LeBeau


Remy or Gambit as he is more commonly known doesn’t at first appear to be the most ideal choice of costume for late night funky time with his jacket, which looks to be straight from the back of the nearest hobo, being the worst offender. If you can look past the jacket (and the optional tramp glove accessories) there’s a lot to like about Gambit, for starters his red pupils give him a sense of danger and excitement sure to set you apart from others and the light the fires of anyone who meets your gaze. Then there’s the cards, an essential part of the costume and these alone have amazing pulling power – chicks dig cards fact. Don’t know any card tricks? No problem, just throw them in the direction of the nearest person of interest to get their attention and the rest as they say is history… (you’ll get laid). As with the Emma Frost costume, this one’s a fairly easy DIY job or if you’re feeling a little lazy Amazon has you covered.

Wonder Woman


No list would be complete without the mention of Wonder woman, even more so if that list is of costumes that will get you laid! Everybody knows that she’s a visually stunning lady and the costume itself is just the right amount of revealing ensuring you can show off your best assets without giving too much away. Being a comic book icon brings with it so much kudos so don’t be surprised if you’re literally drenched in geek juice by the time end of the night and if by this time you still haven’t found the right person, you’ll always have a legitimate reason to cop off with the nearest superman or batman imitators. There are no shortage of WW costumes available, each with a subtle twist on the classic design but as ever going the homemade route spending hours making sure every crease is recreated faithfully is where the real rewards lie, just think would the real Wonder Woman buy a pre-made costume online? Of course not! You know what to do…

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Jamie Englert, a superhero fanatic and writer for Toxicfox, suppliers of awesome valentines gifts for him and her!

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