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5 Tech Movies Every Techie Will Geek Out On

Life in the tech industry is exciting, at least for those who work in it. Whenever a movie comes out that focuses on the virtual marketer or designer, it’s no wonder that we may grow especially thrilled over the prospect.

Here are five movies that have been released within the past decade that are all about technology design, social media, advertising, and all things tech.

“The Social Network”

Before Facebook grew into a global social media enterprise, it was originally an idea in a single college student’s head who had an entirely different goal. The Social Network is a film about how the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, built the program in 2003 while an undergraduate at Harvard University.

Initially, the platform was called TheFacebook, and it was intended to connect university students around that particular campus. As the platform grew in popularity, so did the problems.

In almost forensic style, the movie takes you through the process of how Zuckerberg experienced personal, financial, and legal difficulties over the course of several years as Facebook became the conglomerate it is today. It’s a great story for any tech entrepreneur who’d like to learn more about how one of the major social media platforms for businesses began, thrived, and even crashed.

“Steve Jobs” vs. “Jobs”

If you’re in the digital marketing biz, you undoubtedly know who Steve Jobs was. Since he was one of the biggest and most influential people in technology design and innovation, inevitably a movie would have to be made about the man.

In fact, two movies were made. There’s been a heated debate on the Internet as to whether Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs or Joshua Michael Stern’s Jobs more effectively portrays the story behind the creation of Apple.

Creative liberties were undeniably taken in order to create a captivating story for the big screen. To say which did a better job (no pun intended) would depend on whom you ask.

Perhaps a more historically accurate depiction would add more stock in someone’s opinion as opposed to the added drama and overall acting within the movie. What we do know is that either way, UX/UI designers and web developers around the world have derived the inspiration to “think different” from this story. Watch both of them and see what you think.

“The Internship”

It’s time to throw a comedy into the mix. The Internship, featuring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, is a hilarious yet inspiring movie that takes you behind the scenes in the lives of people who work and intern at Google’s main campus in Silicon Valley.

After feeling the need to downsize their personal lives and careers, the two main characters have applied to become interns in an incredibly competitive company we all know and love as Google. One big question viewers have asked about this movie is whether it was filmed on the actual campus of the tech giant in California.

Although Google was thoroughly involved with the filmmaking process to ensure the company was showcased in a positive light, a majority of the scenes were staged elsewhere. If you’re looking for something lighthearted that gives inspiration on how to create an incredible work-life balance while boosting company morale, The Internship is a fan favorite.

“Thank You For Smoking”

While Thank You For Smoking doesn’t focus directly on technology specifically, it clearly poses some controversial and ethical questions for anyone in the advertising field. And if you are a technology buff, then you most certainly play a role in the world of how content is sent out to the masses. This movie is about a lobbyist for Big Tobacco who has to deal with a major anti-smoking campaign that could have a dramatic negative impact on his industry.

Not only that, but his moral and ethical obligations to his family, particularly his young son, are at stake while he tries to manage his boy’s healthy future.

How modern marketers advertise across digital platforms is complicated and challenging. People want to be able to trust what comes across their social media feeds and the information they consume online.

But what if the content marketers are pushing to others abuses that trust and could negatively affect their well-being? That question becomes even more vital now that children use mobile devices, sometimes at a very early age.

We love a good movie night and are always looking for more films to watch that get our tech minds racing with inspiration. Check out some of our other posts for more ideas on what to watch next.

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