5 Things We Pray We Get From New 'Fear the Walking Dead' Series

The Walking Dead is a daring show, bringing us to the darkest sides of humanity and showing us just what we become when faced with monsters (hint, we become monsters ourselves). With one of the show’s strongest seasons behind it, we cannot help and turn our attention to the new AMC Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead. Though we know very little about it outside of some cast members and its location, here are 5 things we hope the new Walking Dead spin-off covers to please fans of the first series, as well as usher in some new fans as well.

Origin Story

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unWdvWPmiPk&w=1280&h=720]

I know a big appeal of the TWD book is sort of not knowing the why’s and how’s of the zombie outbreak, but to go back to the beginning and get some insight into how it came to be and how it spread would be great. Don’t forget, by the time the original series starts, the outbreak was well underway and Rick wakes up to a world already overthrown by the living dead. How about we go back and get to see the first few walkers, how the media reacted, etc?

It would add a lot to the overall story, and would end up giving us more insight into the original crew in the process.

More Cannibals

A big part of the comic and a minor part of the show so far has been the fact that people turn nasty, real quick. The people end up being more of a threat than the zombies. What I hope for in Fear the Walking Dead is that we get to see more gangs of rovers and nomads, doing all they can to survive (which could mean the ingestion of human meat to survive).

Think the hunters in the video game The Last of Us to get a good idea of what I am talking about. They’ll do anything to survive. Anything. Let’s hope we get more of that.

Celebrity Zombies

I know this one is a shot in the dark, but the one thing we KNOW about Fear the Walking Dead is that it will take place in Hollywood. What this means is, if the dead came back, many of those dead would be former celebrities. Why not, just for laughs and Easter eggs, have a Micheal Jackson zombie dressed in his Thriller clothes walking by in one background shot?

Or maybe you can have a Paul WALKER?! Oh man, I have a feeling I may get in trouble for that line. I think you get my point here, though. That Hollywood angle has a lot of mileage.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI_35OmXLXM&w=960&h=720]

I know because of timelines and locations, the probability of a crossover between the cast of TWD and the new cast of Fear the Walking Dead is unlikely. But, we can think ahead. We do not know how fast the spin off will catch up with the current show, so who’s to say we won’t see a moment when Rick (or maybe even an evil character) crosses paths with the protagonists of the new show. While a complete crossover would be unnecessary (why have two shows at that point?), to have to two converge at one point would be really cool.

Hell, maybe even a real curve ball like showing us the governor back before he was bad and while Penny was still alive. Just dreaming out loud here, people.

 Faster (Fresher?) Zombies

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkgG_8ZAZ2E&w=1280&h=720]

Do not make any mistakes here. I do not want Fear the Walking Dead to feature 28 Days Later “rage” victims. But, if you notice the slow decay of the zombies across the seasons, they are rotting. Doesn’t this mean that when the virus first hit, that initial batch of zombies (who were fresh, so to speak) would have been tougher to kill and perhaps a bit more nimble?

Even having something as simple as that could speak volumes about where the show is going as well. It would imply these things are rotting, which would imply they are on a finite timeline. That would, at least, hint that the Walking Dead universe is actually going somewhere and has an ending in mind. And no, not this one.

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