5 Tips for Relaxing and Relieving Stress Before Taking Your LSAT

You’ve taken all the LSAT prep courses and feel that you’re more than ready to get a great score on the test. You’ve been confident for weeks, but now the day before the test has arrived and you find yourself wound up, stressed, and worried that there’s no way you’ll ever pass. In this blog post, you can find a few tips to help you unwind in the days before the LSAT, so that you can do your best when the time comes. 

Read a Book/Watch a Movie

In a world that’s stressful, to say the least, one thing hasn’t changed: getting lost in a book or a movie is a great way to relieve stress. Put down the study guides and pick up a book by your favorite author. If you don’t like books, then settle on the couch with some snacks and binge-watch Netflix movies for a lot of the day. The one thing you don’t want to do is cram the entire day and put your brain on overload. 

Set a Sleep Schedule 

Sure, you’re grown and shouldn’t have a bedtime, but in the days leading up to the LSAT, you should travel back to your childhood. Setting a sleep schedule is not only important for you to maintain good grades, but it also helps you be fresh and ready to tackle the most important test of your life to date. You need at least eight hours of sleep a night leading up to the testing day. While it may be tempting to stay up studying, your brain will be so tired that you’ll end up forgetting everything you’ve learned. This is especially important the day before the test. 

Don’t Forget to do Things You Enjoy 

It might sound cheesy, but doing things you enjoy leading up to the test really works to ground and relax you. If you don’t already have a hobby you enjoy, now might be the time to take up one. Picking up a hobby, whether it’s basketball, running, or stamp collecting gives you a chance to relax and forget about studying for a while. While preparing for and passing the LSAT is your top priority, putting the things you love to do on the back burner will only hurt you and your chance of passing in the long run. 

Don’t Focus Solely on the Exam Coming Up 

Of course, you’re going to want to dedicate a good portion of your time to studying for the test ahead, however, you don’t need to focus and dwell totally on the exam. Set up a schedule to do your studying, and add in other activities to the schedule as well. Go to your prep classes, study the way that you should, and the rest of the time, shove the upcoming tests to the back of your mind. In other words, don’t make the exam the only thing in your life. 

Wake Up Early on Test Day

“Early to bed, early to rise” has never been a more apt quote than when it comes to testing day. Go to bed at a decent hour, then set your alarm to wake up early on the day of the test. Once you’re up and going, drink your coffee, read the newspaper, or some other type of book to take your mind off the pre-test jitters you’re sure to have. A few studies have shown that warming up your brain by reading something jump-starts the thinking process and helps you do better on the test at hand. 

These are just a few concrete tips to help you relax and destress in the weeks leading up to the LSAT. Remember, you need to study, but don’t let the upcoming exam take over your life. 

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