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Aliens and Outer Space Stuff: 5 Unexplained Ancient UFO Sightings

The UFO debate is one that has raged on for all of mankind (and throughout all of history, as this video confirms): Are there alien life forms out there searching us out or trying to communicate with us, or are we just products of a generation who grew up on sci fi and Star Wars and Star Trek and maybe we just WANT to believe (X-Files reference, ya’ll)?

I, for one, can tell you I had an experience (was not alone, many witnesses) where I saw something very strange in the sky that I still have no explanation for. 3 glowing balls, lined up like a pyramid, pink in color and fairly massive in size hovering and circling above the highway in the Bridgewater Triangle. And I, unlike most others who had similar circumstances, do not care if people believe me. I know what I saw, as do the people who were with me. I don’t need that validated by anyone, it was fairly life changing.

But regardless what happened to me or what I saw, the debate rages on and always will, with a clear line drawn in the sand. That line separating those of us who believe from those of us who don’t. And the reality of UFOs or solid proof of alien life has yet to really happen, so either side could still be right.

But (and there is always a but)….

If aliens and UFOs do not exist, how do you explain the five moments in history from the video above?


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