5 Ways to Feel Happier When the Winter Blues Have You Down

Does winter have you feeling down? Are you bummed that you just binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix and don’t have anything else to do? Have you beat every single game on your shelf? Have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of ways that you can instantly feel happier.

Start Planning for Comic Con 2017

It’s never too early to get geeked up about attending Comic Con 2017 in a city near you. The first event of 2017 will be in New Orleans from January 6 through January 8. Wizard World Comic Con is one of the best events of the year and you don’t have to wait very long to attend. Start planning a trip with your friends right now – and be sure to make your way to Bourbon Street over the weekend.

Binge Watch Star Trek

Need to get your Star Trek fix in? Did you know there are just 79 episodes of the popular show? This means you could binge watch all three seasons in less than a month. That’s a fantastic way to use your time and will almost certainly make you happy. For even more fun, gather a few friends and make it a social binge watching effort.

And just in case you didn’t already know, this is a friendly reminder that a brand new Star Trek series will be premiering in January. There haven’t been a ton of details on the specifics yet, but here’s a 50-second teaser trailer to get you excited.


Get Exercise and Be Healthy

You don’t have to hole up in your basement with your 60-inch HDTV to be happy. Sometimes, getting active and being healthy is enough to elevate your spirits. One tip is to try working out and using lipotropic injections. This combination is proven to increase happiness.

“When you’re working out and lipotropic are busy activating fat loss, ‘happy hormones’ are released throughout your body, improving mood and balancing out hormones,” Fitness Edge explains. “This also stimulates an increase in energy levels and when combined with the above, it can reduce the onset of depression.”

Find the Geeky Hooker

If you’re lucky enough to attend San Diego’s Comic Con International, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for Cindy – better known as The Geeky Hooker. (Don’t worry – hooker simply refers to a crochet hook.)

For the past few years, Cindy has walked around outside the convention center and left small crocheted superheroes around with little notes telling the finders to give the little critters good homes. It’s her way of making people feel good. “I just really like that something I made makes people smile and makes them happy,” Cindy says.

Think about Cindy and ways you can do something kind for those around you. It’s sure to make you just as happy as it makes the beneficiaries of your good deeds. (You can also try to think of a snazzy name for yourself, just like The Geeky Hooker.)

Splurge on a 3D Printer

Okay, 3D printing is obviously cool….but it’s also super expensive. Right? Well, not exactly. You can finally purchase a quality 3D printer for just a few hundred dollars, which makes this a reasonable investment for anyone remotely interested in the hobby. It’s a great avenue for exploring your own creativity and avoiding boredom.

Make Yourself Happy

We all deserve a little bit of happiness in our lives. Whether you’re bummed out about work, weather, or anything in between, there are tons of simple ways to elevate your spirits on a daily basis.

Make good choices and do things that put you in a good mood. You deserve it!


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