5 great applications for the iPhone

In D5, one of the things that Steve Jobs mentioned was that he wants to give third-party developers the possibility of creating applications for the iPhone in a controlled manner, but they still have found a way that will ensure that it won’t crash the iPhone.

I think that there will definitely be 3rd party applications for the iPhone. Even if they’re only casual games, or widgets. I don’t think that Apple will be able to stop hackers from loading “illegal” programs on their system, like the same people did with the PSP, which now runs an emulator for basically every “classic” console.

Here are 5 applications that would make the iPhone even better than it is:

  1. Skype –  although it’s highly doubtful, that a Skype application will ever reach the iPhone, if it ever did, the iPhone would go from a cellphone with some nice media and internet features to the ultimate portable device.
  2. ScummVM – this “emulator” already runs on most portable devices. And since the iPhone already has a touch screen, it makes it a perfect platform to replay some classic adventures.
  3. MAME – If the iPhone could just have this, and the ScummVM emulator, then it would pretty much put other devices like the GPX2 out of business.
  4. Parallels for Windows Mobile – if the iPhone managed to get such an application, it could very well be the turning point for Apple’s little gadget
  5. DIVX or multi-codec Media Player – Apple considers the iPhone their greatest iPod, well, if their greatest iPod was able to play the latest episode of some Anime I’m watching then sign me up for one already.

What apps would you like to see in the iPhone in a near future?

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