5 of the Greatest Shows that ARE NOT on TV

There is some amazing stuff happening on the web right now. Independent creators are producing some of the best television ever, and it’s not even on television. I’m a big fan of the concept of online, independently produced television.

When compiling this list, I wanted to show you some shows that you might not have seen – plus I’m sticking to “fictional series”. I think most of us are already aware of the great “TechTV 2.0” shows like Diggnation, DL.TV, Cranky Geeks, Geekbrief TV, and The Totally Rad Show so I wanted to go with online sitcoms, animated shows and dramas instead.

5. The Elvis and Jack Mysteries – This animated show goes way back to the first .com crash, but it’s still online, and it’s still awesome. The concept? Before Elvis Presley and golfer Jack Nicklaus were legends in their respective fields…they were crime fighting friends. This show has a theme song so catchy I have been randomly singing it for most of this century. This is the only show on the list not currently in production.

4.Port City PD – a low budget cop show featuring a talented cast, and an interesting storyline – it’s Miami Vice for the Internet age. The show is wrapping up its first season now, but expect more episodes in the future. Warning: Foul Language and Adult Situations.

3. Clark and Michael – Clark and Michael are trying to sell their sitcom, and watching them do it is funny as all hell. Michael Cera for Arrested Development and Superbad fame is the “Michael” of this duo and he and Clark play off each other so well you actually believe in and root for, these two under dog characters.

2. Derek & Simon: The Show – Did you ever wonder what a show directed by Bob from Mr. Show would be like if it was about two guys kinda doin’ nothing of importance? Well wonder no more my friend, because that show is a reality and it is called Derek & Simon: The Show. This show is finely crafted absurdist humor at it’s very best. You’ll also find Michael Cera in a particularly entertaining episode of this show, playing the role of a bouncer. Warning: Foul Language and Adult Situations.

1. Break a Leg – This show is my favorite show that isn’t on a major network. I just love the hell out of it. It’s the story of David Penn, a writer who just got his first sitcom deal…which didn’t turn out to be everything he expected. Besides the normal stuff that you’d run into with producing a sitcom with no money, David also has to worry about the fact that he’s going to die at the end of the season. The show begins there and David narrates the show as he tells us the story of how he got to that point.

Well acted, well shot, and well produced, “Break a Leg” is a truly independent production that shows us what is capable with a little budget and a lot of talent.

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