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The 6 Best-Dressed Geeks on TV

People think of geek clothing and they shudder. They often associate the term geek with some slovenly glutton who lives in their parent’s basement always in t shirt and sweatpants, and that is longer an accurate or fair description of us or how we dress. The geek has broken away from all the things that once made them geeks. What they once liked (comics and videogames) are now the norm, and when it comes to how geeks choose to dress, there are a lot more examples of well-dressed geeks on television than one might otherwise assume.

To prove this point, here are the 6 best dressed geeks on television.

Sherlock Holmes

The stars of the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’

I guess when someone is dressed this perfectly you naturally do not think of them as a geek, which is exactly what both Sherlock and Watson are. Sherlock being the more extreme of the two, say what you want about this television reboot, but this man can dress to the nines, and is the guy is just as likely to be invited in by your mother as he is to then solve a crime that took place in the same house ten years earlier.

Should this be a new heading?

But the man honestly makes geek look good. If we have a James Bond in geekdom, it is current Cumberbatcach, all the way.

Some look at this show and see a girl who just got out from a bunker and who has no idea how to dress so she dresses like the girl she was when she went into the bunker. That is not the case. She is pure and innocent and wearing what she wants (which in this case, are those shoes that light up when you walk and bright clothing, usually consisting of pink pants.) Yes, it is geeky, but it is also endearing and cute and charming as hell.

But something about her heart and purity throughout the show makes the outfit grow on you just like she does do. By the time season 2 ended, I wanted to light-up sneakers for myself. That tells you something here is working.

Jimmy Fallon from Late Night (and Formerly of SNL)

I know this is stretching it but he is a gamer, an avid reader and a true geek, even though he has a famous late night talk show and seems about as far removed from geekdom as could be possible. But from how geeked out he was with the Stranger Things kids to how he does his skits and impressions and plays video games live on air, dude is a geek, and dude knows how to dress. Or someone knows how to dress dude, I should say.

Yes, head’s up. This list is kind of unofficially about the wardrobe people on the shows here who really know how to dress their stars, make no mistakes.

Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones

While we all know Peter Dinklage does not pick his own outfits as Tyrion (nor does anyone on this list), he still exudes and emanates a persona thrice as large as he is, and this is due to his presence, which is half due to this clothing. Granted, he is simply playing the part given to him, but the intricacy of his outfits hinted at the same thing about the person. A depth and gravitas that reveal itself quickly.

May look simple at first but there is much more to him than meets the eye. And these outfits of buckles and belts and brackets all show us that on his person as a reflection OF his person. No zany t-shirts for this guy.

Speaking of zany…..

Zooey DesChanel from New Girl

What, did you cats expect this list to be all males? That is weaksauce. Woman are geeks, too, and they can rock the look even better than us. Yes, sometimes it can seem a little try hard (look at me boys, I am almost 40 trying to look and act like I am 20) but Zooey pulls it off with an odd geek charm.

Thick rimmed glasses with vintage 50’s dresses? That is like kryptonite to us male geeks. Who can argue that? No REAL geek, that’s who.

All the Time Lords Who Have Ever Graced Dr. Who

There is an unspoken rule that goes along with being a Time Lord on Dr. Who, and one of those rules seems to be a fairly different (yet oddly similar) dress style that sets each one apart as individuals but paints a larger picture when you put them all side by side. NO ONE has nailed the clothing ideals of geekdom more than Dr.Who across the ages.

Truthfully, we all know exactly what article of Dr. Who clothing I am talking about here, and to me, it is the holy grail of all geek clothing. Hell, even the Harry Potter franchise made a nod to it.

So there you have, fine folks. You can be a geek and be a damn well dressed one, too. Just follow the lead of the six characters from above and you will find your own geek fashion voice one day, too. And remember, sometimes ugly can be cool looking if you’re geek enough to pull it off with confidence, real talk.

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