The Joke's On You: 6 Comic Book Characters Who Need Mental Help

The funniest part about what you are about to read is that you all don’t realize you are all just one bad day away from becoming one of these people. For real. All it will take is for you to come home and find out someone you love was killed and then you lose your job then your Father falls ill and next thing you know, your mind just snaps and takes you to batshit crazyville to try to keep you alive among all the shit that is happening around you. You may not wear a mask or call yourself by some crazy name, but make no mistakes: You are all one bad day away from becoming one of these people.

Here are 6 comic book characters who need serious mental help.

The Governor from Walking Dead


No, I am not talking about the TV version of the Governor. He was mild compared to the comic book version. The comic book Governor from The Walking Dead was just as sane as you and me at first. And then, a series of terrible things happened to him which hardened him and made him apocalypse ready. Read the actual book prequel to see how nice the guy used to be.

But, he went batshit insane. Raping women for fun and making out with his zombie niece who he took all of the teeth out of so she wouldn’t bite him while they fool around. Yes, that crazy. But it’s cool. He gets his penis nailed to a board by Michonne so he gets his in the end.

Oh, and he killed Rick’s baby in the comic, so I guess be grateful the TV show didn’t go THAT dark.

Moon Knight from Moon Knight


But wait, Remy. Isn’t he a GOOD guy? Well, yes. But you have to understand, even good guys can do INSANE shit. Moon Knight enjoys killing. He may enjoy killing bad guys, but still, he enjoys killing. For example, there was an issue where Moon Knight cut a guy’s face off and then wore it in the mirror. Granted, he may be fighting for good, but that is some sick shit.

He also harbors multiple personalities, and that is a sure fire way to land in the loony bin.

Deadpool from Everything


Well, Deadpool is batshit insane and is one of the most insane comic book characters out there, but he has an element that makes him different than any other insane comic book character. He KNOWS he is a comic book character and as insane as he is, may be acting that way simple because he can because he knows his role.

That being said, he does see Wolverine as having spoons coming out of his hands rather than claws, so that should tell you how far along he is on the crazy train. But also, Deadpool is the shit, crazy or not.

Sentry from Marvel U


Sentry is, literally, insane. Like, that is part of his comic lore. The man has all the power in the world but all that power comes at the cost of his sanity. So as powerful as he is, he is like a fragile child yielding all that power. And that can often result in some pretty twisted shit. The reason he is so insane is because he is one of three personalities that he has little ability to control, and they all have different ends.

So imagine of Two-Face had a third personality and each of them had the power of Superman and now you understand Sentry. Dude is tapped and has to be talked to like a child. That says it all.

The Mask from The Mask

Lose anything you think about this character based off the funny and inaccurate movie you saw in the 90’s. The Mask was a sick and twisted book about a shy man who finds a mask and basically goes batshit insane and kills everyone, good and bad. While the movie was funny, it was not accurate (like most comic movies).

The real Mask even killed cops for fun. Must have been a big NWA fan.

Tie: Batman: The Joker from the DCU


Some people love to say Joker is more insane than Batman but they are the exact same person. A man pushed to his limits because of tragedy (yes, I follow The Killing Joke Joker origin, as does anyone who knows their shit about comics). Both men were good, and both men were twisted as the result of tragedies. Did either man handle the tragedy right? No, not at all. Some therapy, perhaps? Maybe going out and taking some time in the country to catch your breath?

Nope. Not for these two.

These two wanna play dress up and fight in the streets. You can say Joker is the more crazy of the two, but I would dress up like a clown to scare people before I would dress up like a bat to protect people, so is he really?

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