6 Cool Geek Stocking Stuffers for Christmas 2015

It has been the ultimate year to be a geek. All the things we all love as geeks have risen in popularity. The comic book movie. The 90’s resurgence (new Jurassic Park and Terminator movies). The YA adult novel scene is still popping off, and there are tons of little toys and trinkets and collectibles available everywhere now, when in the past, we would all have to go to specialty shops or shop online. Tis the season to be geeky, and here are six awesome geek stocking stuffers for the nerds in your life (or your self) with links to where to buy them.

Makey Makey Invention Kit

This is a modder’s and hacker’s delight. A small, simple circuit board with baseline controls and some wires. What you do is totally up to you. You can program your own video controllers (my friend made a potato into an Xbox controller) and you can also hack basic things to do other things. Like, let’s say, programming bananas to sound like drums when you tap them.

Yes, this things is boss and every geek should own it.

Like/Dislike Stamps

Hell, this is the Facebook and social media generation, right? A big part of this shitty world is how entitled we feel to thrust our opinions on anyone and everyone else. So what better way to do that in real life than with these memo stamps you can slap onto anything to let people know how you feel?

Got a bad review at work? Stamp dislike on it and give it back. Finding out you are getting a raise? Walk right up to your boss and stamp LIKE on his head to let him or her know how good of a job they are doing. It will be the best and most passive aggressive work space EVARZ!

Flux Capacitor USB Charger

Jam this thing into your car and even though it may be small (NOT the one pictured above), we promise any geek with any sense of geek love will immediately tell you both how cool that is and how cool YOU are. It is a small replica from the Back to the Future series, but looks exact and will make any nerd worth their weight giddy with nostalgia.

Keep in mind, they do sell full versions of this, but this is stocking stuffers we are talking about. And this would be a perfect geek stocking stuffer.Who am I kidding? Where we’re going, we don’t need stockings.

Mix Tape USB Memory Stick

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s knows, mixtapes were the shit. But in our current world, all you can do is make playlists. Well, what about this sick USB drive that looks like a mix tape and holds up to 900 minutes of digital music. Imagine filling this thing up with love songs for your bae and then giving it to them in their stocking as a stocking stuffer?

You would get so much sex after, and you know it.

Borg Leggings

Just because someone is a geek doesn’t mean they are a guy by default. There are plenty of awesome female geeks out there who have some very specific items aimed at them. One such item is these Star Trek Borg inspired leggings. I mean, come on, we see leggings everywhere this day in age. But how often do we see them reference something geeky?

The perfect geek for the female trekkie on your list who wants to wear her love on her sleeve. Or in this case, on her legs.

3D Superhero Deco Lights

What nerd or geek would NOT want the hand of a glowing superhero breaking through their wall? I am a grown man and want that. What is really cool about these lights is that they come in quite a variety depending on your favorite character.

You could have Spiderman’s hand coming through the wall, Hulk’s face or even Captain America’s shield, all glowing and keeping you safe and virginal at night. I am just sad they don’t have one that is one of Black Widows breasts, just glowing and hanging there.

Now THAT would be geektastic!

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