6 Hard Decisions Every Gamer has to Make

An integral part of the human experience is being faced with incredibly tough decisions. For gamers, this can be especially true since they are forced to make choices in both the virtual world as well as the real one. Below, we will discuss several of the hard decisions every gamer has to make at some point in time.

PC or Console?

This debate has raged for decades now, especially as both consoles and modern day computers have taken a dramatic step forward. That said, if you were to ask a PC player, it never was a debate. Admittedly, even PCs from five years ago would be infinitely more powerful and capable than any console released today. PCs and their customizable nature make it so that they can store substantially more memory, processing power, and graphics capabilities than would a console. That said, PlayStation and Xbox have incredible, exclusive games that will unfortunately never make their way to Steam.

Should I Use a VPN?

As we’ve discussed previously, the benefits of using a VPN far outweigh the costs, especially for gamers. VPNs not only protect your browsing privacy and computer from malicious tracking, but they also reduce ping times and lag, allow you to play games from any region on earth, and keep your files safe by storing them behind an encrypted network. Express VPN is the #1 trusted leader in VPN, providing ultra-secure, high speed, and easy-to-use VPN service.

Should I go multi-modal?

Many PC players wonder whether one screen is enough for their gaming experience. While many assume one monitor is more than adequate, just about everyone changes their mind once they add a second monitor. A multi-monitor set up improves gaming by allowing for multi-tasking over multiple windows. There is a legitimate argument over an ultrawide monitor vs. dual monitor, but regardless of your decision, more screen(s) makes for a more enjoyable and immersive experience.

Timing When To Game or Not To Game

We all have to decide how to budget our free time. Managing a social life, work, sleep, and gaming career or hobby can be difficult, but I am of the belief that there are always ways to get your fix in, even on the go.

If you are travelling long distance on a trip and looking for entertainment, might I suggest our list of 5 Free to Play mobile games. For those not in the mood for gaming, it might be time to binge watch that show you’ve always been meaning to see.

Black Hat or White Hat?

HBO’s Westworld showed what the potential of future video games could be and perfectly embodied one of the toughest decision RPG gamers are faced with: whether they will wear the white hat or black hat, be a hero or embrace their dark side. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one such fantastic title that forced gamers to decide which hat they would wear and what kind of outlaw they would become. Although I’m partial to going black hat, at least on the first go-around, great games should have replay value. One of the joys of modern RPGs is the option to have multiple playthroughs since your decisions will affect the storylines and outcomes of the game.

Do I need gaming gear?

The answer to this dilemma comes down to budget and personal preference. On a general level, the answer is yes and no. I would suggest you purchase a set of gaming headphones, a mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse and mousepad since these items really do affect gameplay and precision. However, a gaming desk or gaming chair, while nice, is not required. Although I personally am a huge fan of the DXR 1000 gaming desk, it is not an essential item. For those on a budget who are trying to complete their battle station, I would suggest finding a chair and desk that are ergonomic, but not too expensive.


Both video games and real life stress put gamers in tight situations where they are faced with a choice and have to decide one way or another. Black hat or white hat? Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch? What kind of setup should I go with? Such questions are a few of the challenging but rewarding decisions a gamer will inevitably confront.

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