6 Iconic Nerd Presents Every Geek Should Own (or Get For Christmas)

When it comes to being a geek, there are just certain things we should all own. Things that best represent our subculture while also reminding us everything we love about it whenever we look at it. From collectibles to special editions of certain things, there is never a shortage of good geeks presents. But sometimes there is a shortage of the knowledge of good geek presents. Things every self respecting geek needs to have in their collection. From movie props to weird ass toys your other grown up, non-geek friend wont understand, here are 6 iconic geek presents every nerd needs to own this year (and they make great presents for those taking notes who may have a geek in their lives).

The (Special Edition) Lightsaber

Okay, so this one is a given. Obviously every nerd has Star Wars references and toys and collectibles galore. And it is safe to assume one of those toys is a lightsaber. But it is probably one of those plastic ones that, maybe, if you are lucky, makes cheap noises.

No, no, we are not talking toys here. Click over here to see the kind of lightsabers I am talking about. From changing colors of the blade to the real noises, if you are going to own a lightsaber, don’t half ass it. This is as close to the real thing (movie wise) that you can get.

8th Generation Console

Now keep in mind, were this written in any other console generation, that would be the console listed here. What we are saying is, how can you be a true geek if you do not have the newest console that is dropping all the dopest games? In other words, if you do not have access to Fallout 4, how can you even dare call yourself a geek right now?

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Oh, you are a poor geek.

I relate. Either way, make someone get you a PS4. That system rocks balls.

(Special Edition) Risk

99% of all geeks love the board game Risk. Thing is, everyone has Risk. Well, you know what every geek DOESN’T have but should?

Game of Thrones Risk. It’s like Risk, with tits! Okay, not really. There are not tits in this game. But it takes the intrigue and drama of Risk and places it in the 7 kingdoms. What geek right now would not want to help fight for Westeros?

A shitty geek, that’s who.

A Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver

If you call yourself a geek and don’t like Dr. Who, you are not real. You are a tourist pretending to be a geek because it is cool now.

If you are a REAL geek, you know you must own a sonic screwdriver from that series. Granted, you could go for a Tardis cookie jar or phone case, but screw that. That is some basic shit. If you are worth your salt, you can whip one of these out at a party and instantly be the coolest geek ever birthed.

Pillow Mate

Okay, honestly, this is totally me being a jerk. I know these things are big in Japan. They are like life-sized pillows of anime characters. There are even dudes in Japan who bring them around to restaurants and shit. BUT, these things are far less common over here and I can confidently say, I do not know one geek that owns one.

That out of the way, a life size pillow of a sexy anime character? I know there is at least ONE of you with drooling to that thought right now, you weirdo.

Just kidding, I got a boner off the next entry to be honest. You’re not weird.

Zombie Killing Weapon

Look at this fucking thing. Holy shit. Every geek right now is entranced by The Walking Dead and all things zombie, so getting that person a weapon for the impending and inevitable zombie apocalypse is needed. But which one? How do you know? Screw that. The above linked weapon is an axe and a knife and a spike all in one. It literally gave me a boner just looking at it.

Shit, I am ordering my own self one of these right now because there is NO ONE in my life cool enough to get me something this awesome. Game over.

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