Since smart home gadgets are already here and they are actually offering us a connected environment to make our interior life easier, giving your bedroom a geeky look and feel is no longer a tough thing to do. There are too many gadgets to give your interior spaces an instantly discernible geeky look. But gadgets and devices apart, it is the creativity that can actually make some original value additions to achieve the look.

Obviously, the bedrooms for kids and adults should have different approaches when it is about giving the interior a geeky feel. For the room of a teenager the decoration and interior elements can embrace lot of elements straight from the world of computer games and mobile gaming. But when it is about giving any kind if bedroom a geeky look, you need to take care of creating the right balance between tech inspired stuff as well as cool aesthetics.

1. What about a game themed interior

The interior of a bedroom splashed with pop colours and design elements inspired by popular mobile games can just deliver a funny countenance popular with younger people, especially teenagers. There are several game inspired themes and design attributes that can easily be incorporated into bedroom decoration but it depends on your choice and the kind of impression you want to make with the look and feel of the interior. Game characters are nice sources of pop design elements that can actively be used in wall paint, installations in the bedroom and even in designer lighting. Obviously the easiest way to bring the game like interior is to decorate the room with the colour scheme pertaining to the game theme.

2. Using scrapped tech items into bedroom furniture

This may seem to be a weird idea but this involves a lot of creative involvement and considerations. What about making a small bedside table with the scrapped CD-ROM covers covering the surface of it? Similarly, a designer bedside lamp that has a base covered with scrapped CDs or scrapped computer chips can deliver a geeky look. What about converting the outer cover of your old computer into the frontal window of a small aquarium with hidden light laminating the small fishes within? Well, there are practically endless ideas that you can resort to for giving shape to your desired geeky bedroom. For all small or large bedroom requirements please go BedSos sale for offers in order to save some money.

3. What about an astronaut on the bedroom wall?

Do you want to turn your bedroom into a place that instantly gives the interior impression of a space shuttle? Do you want the place look spacious, luminant and at the same time out-worldly? Oh no, to do all these to your bedroom interior you do not need to turn the room into a real living chamber of space shuttle. It can be done in the simplistic manner possible while not missing the entire fun of delivering a look and feel comparable to the interior of spaceships.

Decorate your walls with the space themed objects with the space shuttle, astronaut and objects of the space. Give your bedroom a minimalistic look with only a few multipurpose furniture. A lot of of astronaut inspired, space shuttle themed designer furniture are available in the market to make your ideal choice.

4. Using the walls as large screens

Another proven way to give your bedroom a geeky look and feel is to give the walks a screen like countenance. You can just add large visuals on the open sides and illuminate them with befitting lights focused from the top. Translucent lights projected over the wide spanning wall visuals can give your room a lucid surreal look and feel. For such interior maintaining minimalism with furniture and decorative items is a must. Certain technology inspired images painted over the walls can deliver a transporting experience within the bedroom.

5. Remember tech gadgets always do not turn into geeky look

If you think several tech gadgets around the bedroom can deliver a geeky look and feel, you are wrong. Actually tech gadgets and devices planted across the room cannot necessarily make the place look geeky. Often such gadgets all around the bedroom space unnecessarily add to the clutter of the interior without really transporting the experience to a geeky one. Ensuring a degree of minimalism will be very important factor for your desired geeky look.

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