6 Insane and Over-the-Top Video Game Endings

There is a very particular and specific sense of satisfaction a gamer gets when they beat a game. You feel like you just ran in the protagonists shoes for (usually) multiple hours. You feel like you drew their weapons when they did. You feel like you walked the gauntlet and survived. Often, you put the controller down and smile contently as the credits roll.

But there are certain games that have endings that are just insane for the sake of being insane. While it could be said they are still great fun, these are some of the most insane video game endings that left many of us scratching our heads in bewilderment.

Silent Hill 2: Dog Ending

Silent Hill 2 just might have one of the most profound and shocking endings in game history. While I will not spoil the reveal here for anyone who still hasn’t played this gem, I can say it really changes the entirety of the game that came before it.

That is, unless you get the dog ending, at which point all rational thought is out the window. Yes, it has been a dog controlling everything that has happened to you up to this point in the game if you get this ending. The funny part is, you get to it, and you just cock your head as it plays as if you are the dog hearing a strange noise for the first time.

Tekken 5: Lee Chaoloan’s Ending

First and foremost, allow me to start this by saying there is nothing wrong or weird or broken about homosexuality. What is kind of odd is shoehorning it into a fighting game ending for no reason other than to blow people’s minds. While it could be said all of Tekken’s endings are pretty insane, this one is a special kind of insane.

I will just allow it to speak for itself.

Again, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just a tad bit insane for a game ending.

Indigo Prophecy: Dance Scene

Understand, before Heavy Rain stunned many of us with its amazing story and unfolding, dreadful scenarios, the same team behind Heavy Rain made a game called Indigo Prophecy for the Playstation 2 (called Fahrenheit outside of U.S). The game was the same kind of QTE based, decision making gameplay, only WAY more insane than Heavy Rain.

At no moment was this more prevalent than when you beat the game a certain way and get a dance number in an underground parking garage featuring most of the main characters (including the internet. Yes, the internet dances) and for a game as lofty and dark as Indigo Prophecy, it literally made no sense. Which was okay because either did the game, actually.

F.e.a.r 2: Um, Molested Ending?

Not even sure what to call this ending, but I remember playing it and being utterly shocked. You play through the first two F.E.A.R games fighting an evil little girl name Alma who has essentially made your life hell and seems like she spawned out of every J-horror movie ever. So how does the end of the game reward you for your struggles?

By having Alma sexually assault you. Yeah, no, seriously. You even knock her up.  Thanks Fear. So worth it!

Limbo of the Lost: Best Worst Ending Ever

Let’s not pretend any of us actually played this game. In my thousands of published nerd articles in the entirety of my life I have never met ONE person who got to this ending by actually playing this abysmal game. What I did find, though, was that almost every gamer is aware of it and has seen it by now. If not, here you go:

Basically, I couldn’t have made a list about weird game endings and NOT included this. SShhhh, just watch it while dumbstruck.

Monkey Island 2: All In Some Kid’s Mind

Some people hated the ending to this LucasArts classic. I was not one of them. To find out the entire game you just played was an adventure made up by two kids playing is actually really cool and really meta, and plays with the theme of “free will in gaming” quite a bit.

Seems some people wanted an ending that was actually tied to the game, though, and I can understand that.

Here’s hoping 2015 games have some sweet, insane video game endings in them, too.

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