With simple bedding supplies bought at Walmart or Target, you can have a Star Wars-themed bedroom of your own. But it takes someone truly special to create an entire bed — frame, mattress, and all — themed around Star Wars.

Have you ever seen an AT-AT shaped bunk bed? Or a 70s-style circular bed tricked out to look like the Millenium Falcon?

Imperial Walker


Jedi Fighter

Comes with its own built-in flatscreen TV (located just under one of the rear fins.) [Source]

Land Speeder


Millenium Falcon

Has built in front lights, and even the sheets under the bedspread look like a floorplan of the ship. [Source]

TIE Fighter

It’s unfinished — still needs some painted details — but it’s a cool design. Instead of a ladder, the handholds nailed into the left wall are for climbing up into the top bunk. [Source]



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