6 of the Coolest Star Wars Vehicles Ever Seen on Screen

Life-changing. Earth-shaking. Obsession-inducing. These are just some of the ways to describe the effect the Star Wars series of films have had on geeks and movie aficionados around the world. And with a new series of films on the horizon? The fever is set to come around again.

Here we take a look at 6 of the coolest Star Wars vehicles we’ve ever seen on screen, recount a little of their history and try to get you all excited about the next instalment in the series, The Force Awakens.

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The Millennium Falcon

The ship that started a multi-million dollar toy franchise and had millions more making diving and shwooshing sounds around their bedrooms imagining they were flying it. The Millennium Falcon, possibly the most iconic of all Star Wars vehicles, stands out loud and proud in the first three episodes, primarily due to its pilots Han Solo and Chewie.

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Anakin’s Pod Racer

Built by the young Darth Vader himself after scrounging for parts in the scrap yard where he worked, Anakin’s pod racer was one of the stand out vehicles in the second set of films and also helped give light to a popular video game racing series. Used in a chariot-style race that Anakin went on to win, pod racing was made to look both extremely fun and dangerous thanks to this classic vehicle.

X-Wing Fighter

A classic fighter ship from the first set of films, the X-Wing Fighter, like the pod racer, also sat proudly at the centre of another video game franchise in early PC-gaming scene of the 90’s. Typically flown by a pilot and a droid sitting in the rear, this was the ship that Luke Skywalker himself flew down the channel in the Death Star in the lead-up to its final destruction.


Those metallic beasts that haunted the snow terrain in The Empire Strikes Back and later got tied up by Ewoks in the Return of the Jedi? Those were the AT-PT’s, or, in full, All Terrain All Personal Transport, usually manned by a single person, usually from the dark side, unless commandeered by a member of Luke and his Rebel fighters.

Tie Fighter

Another classic Star Wars vehicle best associated with the Empire, the Star Destroyer was the Imperial fighter craft of choice, used throughout the Galactic Civil War in attempt to crush the Rebellion and maintain order in the galaxy.

74Z Speeder Bike

Cropping up throughout the series in varying episodes, the 74Z speeder bike zipped through the varying interplanetary terrains with speed and elegance. Comfortable enough for two they’re probably most fondly remembered hovering under the jungle canopies of Endor.

As for what the new Star Wars series will have in store for us in terms of metal, speed and machine? Well, we’ll just have to wait.

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