6 Overlooked Sci Fi Television Shows

When people think of science fiction TV, seems most folks always bring up the same shows. Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Star Trek, and so on. While those are all amazing shows, I am often shocked by how some of the best sci fi TV I have ever seen just seems to get openly ignored by the masses. Yes, X-Files was fun (with reboot on the way), but there are some seriously twisted and original shows that seem to be missed by most the populace out there. Here are 6 overlooked sci fi television shows you need to start watching STAT!

Black Mirror

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When it comes to overlooked sci fi television shows, none are as marginally misunderstood and under appreciated quite as much as Black Mirror. Honestly, one of the best television shows ever made. A show that is like a modern day Twilight Zone that focuses on tech and future tech, Black Mirror shows us our own obsession with technology and reflects back to us how that will inevitably bring our downfall.

What sets Black Mirror apart is, each episode is like a stand-alone movie. It is a connected world, but each episode tackles new people and a new take on the future. In other words, you can start anywhere in the three seasons and work your way backward or forward, which is even MORE genius and just shows the level of ingenuity behind the show.

Orphan Black

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I always say to people that Orphan Black and Black Mirror are cousins. Which, if you know Orphan Black, you know how fitting that is. Orphan Black is a very Whedon-esque take on cloning. The thing is, I almost feel like the more I tell you about this overlooked sci fi television show, the more joy I will take from you first watching it.

I will tell you this. The lead of the show, an actress named Tatiana Maslany, is an absolute revelation. Just seeing what she does on this show shows you all other actresses on sci fi TV should bow before her. Trust me, watch it, you’ll agree.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsBYXLYNZlE&w=1280&h=720]

Misfits is about as good as procedural TV can get. A show about a group of young social miscreants who gain super powers during a freak storm, it was like the show Heroes, only really f*cking good. Though Misfits does the ‘rotating cast’ thing, go in knowing no cast can touch the cast of season one through three. Once they lose Nathan (played with aplomb by the freakishly charismatic Robert Sheehan) the show suffers a bit, but it still better than most mainstream TV.

Also, keep in mind, shows from other countries like this show and Black Mirror do not have to adhere to the strict ratings of American TV, so oft you get headier, heavier themes, which are far more enjoyable to watch than most TV drivel we normally get.

Danger 5

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How do I even explain this show? First off, do not sit down to watch Danger 5 the same way you sit to watch all the other shows on this list. While the others are intense and thought-provoking, be prepared, because Danger 5 is absurd humor in the best way possible. A satire of 70’s spy films, the reason I can justify this being on this list is in one episode, they fight Hitler AND Nazi dinosaurs. It is like Land of the Lost if it was made by Hitler hating adults who took a bunch of LSD.

It may look insane, and sound insane, but I can assure you the show will have your sides splitting from how much you laugh. Also, the show has some great cocktail recipes.

That comment might be lost on those who have yet to see it.

Better Off Ted

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I don’t quite know why this show didn’t get the love it deserved, especially among the geek community. Sort of Big Bang-esque in how it tells its jokes. Better Of Ted was a show about a guy named Ted who worked for a corporation that had a lot of money and no soul. They also had access to some interesting science fiction toys and concepts. It might have been this geek humor that set it apart but also doomed it.

May not appear sci fi on the surface, but get deep enough and the real roots start showing themselves. Witty, smart, and funny, it’s a shame Ted got left for dead.

Hemlock Grove

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlZUsPcChgI&w=1280&h=720]

Perhaps leaning a bit more towards horror and Gothic than straight sci fi, Hemlock Grove deserves a nod for just how much it fits into its small package (sorry that sounds so weird). Werewolves, gypsies, Frankengirls, sex, death, and good looking teenagers feeling angst. A Netflix original produced by horror master Eli Roth, Hemlock Grove may not be all space ships and aliens, but it is pretty damn close.

If nothing else, these six shows can distract you from the same recommendations everyone seems to make when it comes to television and the science fiction and fantasy genres.

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