6 Reasons Marvel's 'Civil War' Will Be Their Best Cinematic Event

As you all know, there are a bunch of Marvel movies coming in the next five years. Like, a BUNCH. And while some of them sound really good, there is one all fans of Marvel are really keeping their eyes peeled for. The Civil War that takes place between Marvel’s heroes that will happen in the third Captain America movie. It was such a monumental and well-written story line, that as long as they don’t water it down, we might just have one of the best comic movies of all time on our hands. Here are 6 things that make Marvel’s Civil War so freaking amazing. Keep in mind, some spoilers here for the comic, but can’t be sure what will or will not land in movie at this point, so use caution if you wish while reading.

How It Starts

The reason for the Civil War in the comics is simple. There is a super hero reality show, and some of the super heroes are trying to catch a guy named Nitro (but they also want to make sure it gets caught on tape). In the process, Nitro is like: Screw this, and decides to blow himself up (his name IS Nitro, duh) and he takes about 600 innocents with him. This is when they decided to start the Superhuman Registration Act. Some heroes see it as a problem and an insult, some see it as necessary.

Thus, the lines are clearly drawn in the sand.

Captain America Hates It

So you register and you have to work with S.H.I.E.L.D and Cap wants nothing to do with it. He has been fighting for America for as long as he can recall, and thinks it an awful idea. S.H.I.E.L.D shows up to take him forcefully, and he beats everyone’s ass in the room and friggin’ jumps onto a moving jet and escapes.

It may sound lame, but my God will it make for an awesome movie scene.

Spider-Man’s Reveal

That’s right. We will be getting a new Spidey in the Marvel U, and guess what, in Civil War Iron Man convinces him that showing his true identity will make people less fearful about heroes and will help with the act, so he agrees. He has a press conference just like Tony did and he reveals himself to be Peter Parker.

Suffice it to say, things do NOT go well for him after that. But he DOES get a badass suit from Tony (The Iron Spider) that I really hope makes it into the flick.

Heroes Die

There needs to be some weight behind death in comic book movies, and there rarely are. We almost ALWAYS get clones or twins or whatever. No one stays dead. But the thing about Civil War is, some of these heroes fall at the hands of OTHER heroes, and that is what makes the comic so damn powerful.

I won’t spoil it here for you and say who or how, but I will say, for this film to have the impact it needs, a few beloved (and B level) characters need to meet their permanent ends. War isn’t pretty, and this shows that.

Iron Man Hiring Bad Guys

Tony Stark pretty much goes full asshole in Civil War even though he thinks he is on the side of right. This means that, at one point, he pardons a bunch of REALLY BAD GUYS and gives them freedom if they help him hunt down the heroes who won’t register. We are talking the likes of Venom and Bullseye here. Like, REAL bad guys.

This is also the first real sign that this is a dark descent for Tony and will not end well for anybody.

The Iron Man, Captain America Fight

We know these two have had issues since day one (I am the alpha, no, I am the alpha etc) and in Civil War, it comes to a bloody head with an epic and nasty fight that draws itself out across many issues. But this is also the defining moment when we see just how dark and twisted this whole thing has made everyone. You realize just how serious it is when you see Captain America raise his shield like a blade, about to bring it down on Stark’s skull.

There, get you excited for Marvel’s Civil War yet? Good, because if they do it right, this could be the best damn comic book movie ever made.

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