6 Reasons We Are Excited For 'Ant-Man'

Amid all the hype about Batman Vs. Superman and the new Star Wars trailer, seems a trailer dropped that was quite awesome and it kind of got ignored. A trailer that hints that we might just break away from the darkness and nastiness in all movies we seem to be getting lately and get back to the idea of what a superhero summer movie should be: fun. I am talking about the Paul Rudd lead Ant-Man, of course. The trailer was stupid fun and looks like the summer movie fix we really want. Here are six reasons we are really excited about Ant-Man and you should be, too.

Paul Rudd

Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? Honestly, he is one of those actors who just seems so unphased by the level of success he has reached and just seems like such a nice guy. Honestly, also the last guy we ever expected to land in a superhero movie, which makes the casting even more brilliant.

Also, there is a goofiness to the Ant-Man character that Rudd will be able to pull of better than anyone. A sort of boyish nativity that will lend itself fantastically to the part.

Actual Fun

We know the crumbling tower scenes in Avengers were fun, and we know that there are plenty of fun moments in other comic book movies, but overall, their tone has gotten much darker. Ant-Man looks to offer up a nice break from that by having humor and actual mirth injected into the film.

While it is cool to see bad guys and good guys clash and raise hell. Did you see that tiny train scene from the trailer? I cannot recall a trailer moment in recent memory that made me laugh that hard.

A Different Side of Marvel

Come on, admit if you were handed a list of comic heroes you could make into a movie lead, Ant-Man would not have even placed in the top ten. THAT is exactly what makes it such a bold and brave move for Marvel. Remember, people talked the same smack about a movie involving a talking tree and raccoon, and it was one of the best things Marvel has done in years.

Plus, this hearkens back to the golden age of comics, which could also be very nostalgic for many.

Stark Industries

We Marvel geeks love when the movies make nods to other characters or connect and show us the movies are all taking place in the same world. That will happen again with Ant-Man, as Tony Stark’s Dad will be a character in the movie. Granted, it may not be the RDJ cameo we all may have wanted, but it shows us that they intend to bring all these characters together at one point, and that is going to be SO EPIC!

Also, Peggy Carter. Like we ever get tired of looking at her, and she will be here, too.

Honey, I Shrunk the Superhero

Honey I Shrunk the Kids was such an awesome movie for many of us geeks when we were kids, so to get to imagine a super sized world and see it again, only this time with a superhero inside of it, will be a great deal of fun. When you are the size of an ant, anything becomes a huge obstacle (or source of comedy gold) so it should be fun to see how Scott Lang deals with his smaller size and some of the scenarios he ends up in as a result.

Yes, it will be lighter fare than we are used to, but why is that a bad thing?

 Long Time Coming

I know we are all still sad Edgar Wright left the movie, as it was a passion project for him. But many people think aspects he worked out for the script and character may still be used, so we may feel Wright’s touch on this, even with his hands off of it. Also, you sit and scrub away at a piece of coal long enough, you just might end up with a diamond.

Here’s hoping the years of waiting means we will have an Ant-Man sized diamond this summer to enjoy.

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