6 Things They Need To Do With New 'Star Wars' Boba Fett Spin Off Movie

While many of us are sitting around, waiting for The Force Awakens to drop at the end of this year, slow news about the Star Wars spin-off movies have begun leaking. First, we heard about the spin-off about the rebels raiding the Death Star for the original Death Star plans. With a great director at the helm (Gareth Edwards) and some cool cast members on board (some dudes from The Raid movies), that side story already sounds amazing. But it is the NEXT spin-off that has me REALLY excited. Boba Fett is finally getting his own movie. So what can you do with an outer space bounty hunter who cannot emote because of a helmet, and how do you make it into a 90 minute plus movie? Thanks for asking, I have some ideas.

Tap Into (Off-Record) Canon

Over the years, Boba Fett kinda became one of those fanboy figures. People just loved Boba Fett. From the suit to the jetpack, it was who many of us wanted to be one day (minus all the killing and such). But it is that very love of the character that has led to some great ‘outside of the movies’ material about him from books, games, and comics. Why not tap into some of those stories and ideas? Some GREAT writers have gotten their hands on the character outside the movie and put him in some amazing situations, letting us understand his mind a bit more.

Give us that, not just a shallow, mindless killer.

Retcon That Death

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwC_o_fcW1s&w=640&h=360]

Sorry, but NO ONE thought Boba Fett falling into the Sarlac pit was a fitting death. I know some of the stories written after that mistake have implied he stayed alive in there and eventually crawled or flew out. Whatever, it may be stretching, but they made a badass go out like a pansy, and that is not okay and this is a chance to fix that.

Of course, if it is a prequel, they will likely not touch upon that, sadly.

Make It Dark

The problem with the last few Star Wars movies and the most recent shows is, they ALL seemed to be aimed at kids. What about those of us who grew up on this shit and finally want a gritty Star Wars movie? Wouldn’t a Bob Fett movie be the perfect excuse for that? Dude is a paid killer.

Imagine if they went for an R-rating and just decided to make it as badass as a movie like The Unforgiven? This leads to my next point…

Futuristic Western

Whether or not science fiction fans know, Star Wars is a western set in space. This is made even MORE clear by the fact that there are bounty hunters who do not speak and live for the kill. There is a real element of the old west in Boba Fett. Slowly rolls into town, is silent and foreboding, but clearly hunting something.

They need to play off that dynamic. It shouldn’t be all PEW PEW PEW laser fights. There needs to be long, drawn out scenes of tension as he eyes his bounty and his bounty slowly becomes aware, beads of sweat forming on his brow.

An Arch Enemy

So will the movie be Boba going after that ONE enemy? His Moby Dick, so to speak? Boba Fett is such a badass, it is hard to imagine anyone in that universe being any cooler or more badass. Thing is, imagine the arch enemy they could come up with for Fett? What if this bounty is even more badass? What if this bounty is a character we know?

There is so much potnetial here, but a new ‘enemy’ for this flick will be essential for it to work.

Make Him A Girl

I know we know he is a HE and a clone and so on, but come on. They can go any direction they want. Imagine if the Boba we knew was actually ALSO a clone and they decided to make the most ballsy and badass bounty hunters of all time into a female (think Samus from Metroid). Imagine how that would drop jaws and blow minds?

I know, some people wanna stab me right now, but too bad. I get to write it, you get to read it. Know your role. Boba Fett being a woman would shift how many young men see strong women, and would be a great plot twist to boot. Let the hate mail begin.

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