Serious gamers know how important their atmosphere is to their performance. When you’re playing in a dark and comfortable room with all the right tools, amenities, and snacks on hand, you’re in heaven.

But imagining the perfect room and implementing it are two very different things. If you’re designing your own room, use these pro tips:

1. Install Integrated Electronics

The rules for setting up your perfect game room are pretty limited, but there’s one rule you must remember: Your game room will only be as good as the integrated electronics you own. You probably have your eye on a few of the latest gaming consoles and accompanying electronics.

While you may not be able to afford everything up front, splurge on what you can. If a more expensive gaming console is most important to you, splurge for the console and get a cheaper version of the sound system. With time, you can upgrade everything to your favorite models.

As you install these electronics, place them strategically so they don’t overheat. They should be installed on hard surfaces, preferably with venting hole. Use exterior fans near your equipment to help with cooling without driving up your AC bill or making the room uncomfortably hot.

2. Have a Blackout Option

Most game rooms are designed to limit as much natural light as possible. If the only available space in your house has a west-facing window with hours of natural light streaming through, you need blackout window treatments. Regular blinds and thin curtains won’t cut it.

You have a variety of options, from floor-to-ceiling drapes to cellular shades to shutters. Shades or drapes will likely work best, but drapes tend to be most expensive. All you need is a simple window covering that will effectively block natural light for the perfect gaming atmosphere.

3. Focus on Seating

What’s your record for sitting in one place playing a game? If you’re serious about your craft, it’s probably pushing 24 hours. That kind of focus and attention can only be achieved if you’re sitting on incredibly comfortable furniture. According to Gaming Chairs Hunter, having a comfy chair can up your game and increase your focus during long hour gaming sessions.

The softness of your chosen couch, armchair, or computer chair is only one factor to consider. Think about the ergonomics as well. Ergonomics is a term used to define the efficiency of an object in a functional environment.

In the context of gaming furniture, chairs should adequately support your back, neck, and arms so that you don’t develop aches and pains while you play. Without ergonomic furniture, you could develop serious conditions like carpal tunnel or migraines.

4. Install a Fridge and Wet Bar

Nothing ruins a gaming streak like running from room to room to refill your snacks and drinks. It’s much more convenient to have them in the same room, and a fridge and mini bar should cover most of your needs.

Unless you’re a big eater while you game, a mini fridge will probably do. You can store beverages inside and use your bar storage for shelving non-perishable items. Now, you only have to run to another room when it’s time to restock!

5. Add Your Personal Flair

If you’re a major gamer, you probably belong to a few geekdoms. Let your game room show your favorite obsessions. For example, if you’re a Star Wars fan, let lightsabers mounted on the wall serve as glow lighting.

You might also put up movie posters and shelving to show off your collection of vintage superhero figurines. This is the space where you’re allowed to express yourself completely, so make these personal touches count.

6. Make Room for Storage

An often overlooked, but extremely useful aspect of your game room design is storage for your games, consoles, controllers, and other equipment. It’s nice to play in a room not covered with video game cases and cords.

In most cases, shelves are all you need. You could get a cheap bookshelf from Walmart with small storage bins for your controllers. Or, you could install floating shelves and categorize your games and controllers according to shelving.

If you’re more of a computer gamer, all you really need is a large desk with plenty of drawers. Use utility tape to cover cords and go wireless when possible. This kind of organization means less wasted time looking for video games and fewer accidents tripping over cords.

Your game room is your haven, so give it the time and attention it deserves. These pro tips will help you have a comfortable and safe gaming experience every time.

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