6 Tips to Help You Hate Social Distancing Less

There are several necessary precautions to take when it comes to adapting to life during the coronavirus pandemic. One of these significant changes is the need for social distancing. This is, of course, for everyone’s safety. But there are a few ways that you can maintain a safe distance and have at least a little bit of a better overall experience.

1. Use social distancing as an excuse for more multiplayer gaming

One great way to not feel so isolated is to use technology to hang out with your friends. Social media is a great way to touch base; from there, you can start the conversation about multiplayer gaming. From Minecraft to World of Warcraft, you finally have the perfect excuse to spend hours doing what you love. “I’m trying to socialize with my friends while preventing the spread of the coronavirus” is a perfectly acceptable reason to play Overwatch until three in the morning.

2. Build your own droid

Now is the time for a project that will absolutely ruin your schedule but potentially make you famous. There may never be another time in your life when you can justify mainlining caffeine and staying up all night in a creative frenzy. Build a robot, design your dream computer, or develop your own WordPress plugin — this is the time for all of these projects. Hack something, fix something that aggravates you, make your life easier. As a bonus, you’ll be too busy to worry about the pandemic.

3. Watch something you weren’t planning to watch

Another way to enjoy social distancing is to use some of your extra time to consume content that you may not have been able to do in the past. Read a book, binge on a TV show, or rewatch The Matrix trilogy. Libraries have made it easier to borrow ebooks, and you can read those ebooks on just about any device–be it your phone, tablet, laptop, or Kindle. Streaming services have done a good job of amping up their TV and movie content.  Your consumption of books and videos can be a fun topic of conversation for your next FaceTime.

4. Launch a side hustle

If you have a creative side or entrepreneurial side, take the time to consider launching your own blog, vlog, website, or other projects that could start earning additional income. Start a YouTube channel on a topic you’re passionate about. Your WordPress dev videos could lead to future advances in employment. Your gaming blog could lead to an offer from Wowhead. You never know until you try, right? Some additional projects might include launching a podcast, video production, music production, or begin working on that app you’ve always wanted to work on.

5. Become a better cook

Takeout is awesome, but your health is important, too. If you want to take your immune system to the next level, learning to cook might help. And now is a great time to become a better cook, since you are most likely spending more time at home. Try your hand at making the most basic dishes or attempt something a bit more complicated. If you are living with others, use it as an opportunity to work together creatively. After all, they’re going to help you eat it.

6. Get creative in your living space

Since you are spending so much time at home, take this opportunity to pile everything in the middle of a room and start from scratch. That might be a bit extreme, but you get the idea. Buy a copy of Fumio Sasaki’s “Goodbye, Things” and become a minimalist. Rewire your sound system. Install a NEST.  Put all of your lights on a voice-activated system. You might as well be comfortable and have a state of the art place to spend your time during the pandemic. You also might want to fix some of the things that need fixing around the house or spend time in the garage if you are lucky enough to have one.

Overall, these are just a few of the ways in which you can enjoy social distancing just a little bit more. There is no perfect way to do this, and it is unique for each person. Just try to have a little fun with it.

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