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6 TV Show Homes Reimagined for 2019

The best TV shows make you just want to be a part of them, even if – in more contemplative moments – it probably wouldn’t be a very good idea.

Game of Thrones may be a world of sex and swordplay, but it rarely ends well for the players in either category. Stranger Things may be the idealized movie-influenced childhood that 1980s kids never quite got but, you know, there’s that mortal danger thing again. Mad Men? Great clothes, beautiful people, but passive smoking. And as for Oz, the long-running HBO prison drama with a weekly kill rate that matched Game of Thrones but with twice-as-creative murders… well, let’s call that one an exception to the rule.

All of which is to say, the closest you will actually get to living in a world like that is to find a home that matches your hero’s. And if you’re not quite ready to decorate it in the precise, usually less than ideal home manner of, say, Walter White or Joyce Byers, here is a look at how the TV show homes of some the most popular series might look with a 2019 makeover.

6 TV Show Homes Reimagined for 2019

1. Stranger Things (Joyce Byers’ living room)

The Byers living room has always been known for its ‘mood lighting’ and dual-purpose walls. But what if you’re not fighting a monster from another dimension? Well, in that case you can concentrate more on the period details, and even dial them back a bit to match today’s 1970s retro trend: velvet cushions and sofa covering, burnt orange hues, and talking-point furniture are sure to impress any unexpected guests.

2. Breaking Bad (Walter White’s kitchen)

That enormous White kitchen was the location for a lot of high-drama and the steaminess involved more than just the preparation of crunchy vegetables. But it frankly looked awful in the worst suburban-American kind of way (as, of course, the show’s designers intended). So here’s a look at it all zipped up to date with a major splash of the industrial look: exposed brick, untouched wood, and shiny municipal tiles given a homey tint with a shade of seaweed green.

3. The Good Wife (Alicia Florrick’s home office)

The Good Wife’s Alicia Florrick was all about two things: work and her kids. Her home office combined the two things, and this modern version retains that sense of business and play. Yellow is particularly fashionable in 2019 – this shade is “somewhere between marigold and French mustard on the scale,” as Ideal Home puts it.

4. Mad Men (Don and Megan’s bedroom)

So Don Draper’s Manhattan apartment, like Don Draper, is pretty desirable even in its unreconstructed form. But when you add a 21st-century sense of lightness and the nature that the mid-20th century so studiously tried to cement and plastic over, you’ll find the ‘60s version is left looking kind of gloomy and fusty. These days we like our rooms like we like our men: bright and dressed in lustrous green leaves.

5. Gilmore Girls (Rory’s childhood bedroom)

Rory’s original room was cute in a Rory kind of way. But this updated version retains a sense of cuteness while also being chic and sophisticated through its use of dramatic shapes and metallic colors and surfaces.

6. Friends (Monica Geller’s bathroom)

Every time we saw Monica’s bathroom it looked different – except that it was always rather poky. So here it is with that awful purple muted down to a modern pink, an ‘infinity’ marble floor, and a freestanding tub to create the illusion that it’s big enough to actually match the Friends living room.

What show would you like to see with an interior design makeover?

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