6 Video Game Endings Summed Up By An Emoji

The emoji has become a modern staple of communication. A quick and efficient manner in which to express a myriad of emotions in one, easy blast. And while, at first, it seemed the emoji was delegated for use by tweens and teens, the times have changed and it seems now everyone from your best friend to your grandmother are sending emojis to express how they feel. This got us thinking about using emojis as a review system for video games. We worked through it and rather than use as it as a review system (which proved to be a really stupid idea), we figured out that if we used certain emojis to sum up how we feel about the endings of certain games it could be riotously funny (we hope). We laughed out lout at some of the ideas tossed around, and this article is the end result.

Here are 6 emojis we would use to sum up how we feel about the endings of the following six games. We laughed, we cried, we…..

Halo: Reach

It is not that we think the ending to Halo: Reach was crap (that was the ending of Halo 2, actually) what we are saying here with smiling poop is that beating Halo: Reach made us FEEL like crap because you knew no matter what you did, everyone had to die, as that is just how that branch of the story line played out (and we all KNEW that going in, but we still held on to hope).

Great ending, but yes, makes you feel like sh*t. By the way, for those of you misuse the poop emoji and call it chocolate ice cream, here are 12 other emojis you may be using wrong. Someone has to tell you. It is CLEARLY poo.


Fallout 3: Self Sacrifice Ending



Some games give you chances in the final moments to step up and really shine, and Fallout 3 gave you one of those chances. You can either go into the room that will cause you to get irradiated, die, yet save the day, or you can send in another player. Keep in mind, that is what I did. Sent in the lady to die, only because I am a horrible person. But most normal people choose themselves and sacrifice their own lives to save the day.

Yes, that must make you feel as “angelic” as this emoji expresses. I wouldn’t know. I am pure chaos.


The Witcher 3

You see that sly grin that emoji is wearing? Do you know why that emoji is perfect for anyone who has beaten Witcher 3? Because it says “Yes, I PROBABLY did have sex on a stuffed unicorn” and that is the kind of thing that would make someone walk around with a sly face like that for the rest of their lives. We can’t be sure everyone who beat it experienced that moment, but most who played it went out of their way to find it so that says it all.

And for the 7 of you who do not know, yes, you can have sex on a stuffed unicorn in The Witcher part 3. You’re welcome.



The face you are seeing there is someone perplexed. Perplexed because the ending to this great indie game was, well, kind of ambiguous. Did you save your sister? Do the flies fluttering around the spot you were standing indicate that you died, too? What was the breaking of the glass about?

There are many theories about the game’s ending (spoiler alert, you just keep living it over and over again people, it is called Limbo for a reason) but many will still leave gamers scratching their head with curiosity, thus this perfect emoji that sums up how you all felt post-Limbo.


Any Silent Hill Game’s Dog Ending

Wait a second. The entirety of all the madness I just encountered for 8-10 hours was all the doing of a dog? And a dog using a computer to control the world, no less?! AWESOME!!! Some gamers may get mad (thought most wont experience this ending because it is not easy to achieve), the best of us know an ending that crazy deserves a full on LOL, and that exactly what the emoji above expresses perfectly.

Keep in mind, almost EVERY Silent Hill game has a “it was all a dog” ending, making this running joke even more worthy of even more LOL emojis.


Last Of Us

Oh my God, what did I just do? Did I really just keep the world from discovering a cure to the disease that has ruined it because I was selfish and wanted to keep Ellie around? And on top of that, did I then LIE to Ellie’s face about it? Oh my God, I am the devil. I think I need a different emoji for this…

Yes, pretty sure I am going to video game hell for this one.


Augmented Reality Star Wars?

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