6 Weird Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Right now, when it comes to comic book adaptations, anything goes. If you had told my teenage geek self that Deadpool and Ant Man and Avengers and Batman VS. Superman would have been eventual movies, I would’ve called you a liar and ran off crying because of your cruel lies. Thing is, here we are. We are in a modern comic book renaissance unlike anything the nerd world hath ever seen before. Yes, I used hath on purpose, as it sounded very epic. But if you look, they are pretty much tapping out all the main characters from the big name comics. Soon, they will be running out of characters they can make movies from. Nope. No they wont. Here are six weird comic book characters who deserve their own movies (and will probably all eventually get one at this rate).

Squirrel Girl

I bring up Squirrel Girl to non-comic book fans and they think I am making her up. Again, nope. She is LITERALLY a girl who can control squirrels. She is a member of the Marvel U, and honestly, in the last few years fans have began clamoring for her to get some screen time. Why? Because she is such a batshit insane character, many of us want to see how she would be portrayed on film.

There are some rumors that she MAY make an appearance in the Deadpool movie, but I have started those.


All I need to say is Michael Shannon playing Modok. If you think it might not be a good call or cannot think who that is, compare the above picture to the picture below:

See what I mean? Perfect. Who cares if he played Zod? So what or who is Modok? Just look at the intro above. He is another Marvel character who just makes no sense (but people love him for that exact reason). I mean, come on? The dude is just a head. A big, ugly face with tiny, purple appendages. Who WOULDN’T want to see a movie featuring just that?

A lot of people, probably, but shut up.


How about a kid (turned older kid) who can spew giant maggots out of his stomach that can eat through pretty much anything? Keep in mind, I am not sure how you would stretch this character into a 90 minute movie, but he spews maggots out of his (bleeping) guts. That’s a win any way you slice it.

At least give this dude an X-Men cameo at some point. Please?

Matter Eater Lad

I will be the first person to admit, you don’t see a weird comic book character list on the web without seeing this dude on it somewhere. What is his power, you may ask? Eating stuff. Like, um, anything. I mean, Google image the dude and you find tons of pictures of him eating through all sorts of insane shit.

Listen, don’t tell me this could not be a movie. Ant-Man is a friggin’ movie.

Dead Girl

Okay, on some real ish, I am not even kidding here. A Dead Girl movie would kick so much ass, there would be no ass left on the planet un-bruised. So what does Dead Girl do? Well, she is part ghost and part zombie (the movie just sold itself) and her power is to return from the dead, as well as communicate with the dead.

But it should be known, the comic is beautifully twisted and insane, and would and could be Guardians of the Galaxy levels of cool if it was handled right.

Doctor Bong

No, no, it’s not what you think. Oh wait, he is a villain from Howard the Duck? Okay, he is probably exactly what you think, actually. I think the less I say about Doctor Bong the better.

Dude wins based on name alone. I just hope with a name like that Seth Rogen plays him.

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