7 Awesome/Strange/Waste-of-time Geek Things That Exist

It’s Monday, the most cursed day of the week, back to work, school, college or whatever it is you do. For those of you not pre-occupied with such trivial activities here are 7 awesome geek things that exist…

Half-Life 2 Headcrab Hat

Not recommended to be worn near Half Life players within the vicinity of tools or hardware as chance of being struck repeatedly in the head until said Headcrab falls off is high.

Yours for $30, mind control not included.

 Reddit Alien Soap

Reddit decided to make soap in two different fragrances, orange and…bacon. Yes bacon smelling soap. I love bacon in my sandwiches and burgers but not in my soap thanks. Maybe I’m just weird though.

Magnetic Levitation Sculpture

Have you ever wanted to levitate things? I have. Sometimes its all I ever think about. It wasn’t possible though until the nice people at Cadabra Labs made it so with this handy, pocket sized device.

The Magnetic Levitation Sculpture from Cadabra Labs is a device that makes the power of magnetism dramatically visible. Built on a laser-cut frame, it holds a metal cube continuously suspended in midair, supported by nothing except built-in magnets above and below it. The magnets are permanent and requires no power supply, just a level surface.

ICade: IPad Arcade Cabinet

Video games and other geeky items have proven to be worth their weight in gold. There are some truly awesome games out for the iPad, my only grumble is that touch screen controls make so many of them almost unplayable. The ICade cabinet fixes that and also gives you a cool holder at the same time.

Monkey Light M210

Thanks to hipsters bikes are now fashionable again. These funky lights that were Kickstarter funded can be fitted in the wheels so people can see you and you don’t need to use real lights.

The M210 consists of 10 bright full-color light-emitting diodes. It can play any of 20 different preprogrammed themes created by a variety of artists, inspired by classic 8-bit and demoscene graphics. Each theme theme comes with multiple color options, creating over 100 of possible combinations. Use the controls to customize your favorites, or let the 210 generate combinations at random to keep things varied and surprising.

Superhero Light-switch With The Switch In a Funny Place

Until I saw this picture I had never once thought ‘does the Vision have genitals’. I guess we will never know for sure, in the meantime you can  take a look at this custom light-switch cover and others for Marvel and DC characters.

Star Wars Death Star Chopping Board

That’s no moon it’s a chopping board! Actually if we’re going to get specific it’s a ‘worktop saver’…

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