Not that your inner couch potato has already come out. I think I won’t be far off the mark if I say that many of us spend considerable amounts of time on the couch, especially on our days off.

Whether it’s gaming, watching TV (or movies), reading, or just chilling – it’s the couch that we often turn to. And since you’re a self-professed geek, why not make sure that your couch fits your preferences?

Others pimp their rides, but we pimp our couches. Because that’s how we roll.

Here are 7 awesomely geeky couches that will not only make you happy, but will also score you lots of points with your geek friends.

1. Alien-inspired Couch

geeky couches

That might not look comfortable, but if you believe that the truth is out there, then this alien-inspired couch is the best choice. Also, it’s got that cool-creepy vibe that seems to suck you in. Or is it just me?


2. Sofa with Tetris Cushions

geeky couches

If you can’t get your hands on a decked out geeky sofa, then why not accessorize your existing one? Make Tetris pillows like these, place them on your couch, and you’re good to go!

3. Chocolate Sofa

geeky couches

Who can resist chocolate? I doubt that this couch is a version of chocolate-covered bacon, but it’s still a sight for sore eyes.


4. Nintendo

nerdy couches

This is but a concept couch, part of a series called “If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture“.

If this ever becomes a reality, it will be a perfect match for this Nintendo Controller table.

5. USB Couches

nerdy couches

What do you need when the nerd herd comes over with each individual bringing his laptop along? A USB couch, of course! That is, couches that are wired so that you can exchange files via USB.

But that’s kind of a lie. These days, there’s really not much need for a USB-connected sofa with Wi-Fi and all, but hey, the mere idea is quite nerdy. Not to mention that symbol behind the couch. (Just make sure you arrange your furniture so that the back is seen!)


6. Pac-Man Sofa

nerdy couches

This modular piece of furniture is made up of Pac-Man components so you can play around with it.


7. Totoro Sofa/Bed

geeky couches

One word: Totoro.

Sure, this is not exactly a couch, but did I mention Totoro?

On another note, the teddy bear may not be as geeky as Totoro, but it’s still cute.

You can actually buy this Totoro sofa/bed here.

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