Many aspects of gaming have changed and evolved over the years. From basic mechanics to visuals, one could say it is an ever-changing and evolving medium. One way games have really changed is their violence. Once upon a time, you would die in a game and your character would make a surprised face and fall off the screen. Those days are over, my friend, replaced with brutal death scenes from video games that can involve things like getting impaled on a tree or getting your head severed off with a chainsaw. While some may squirm at these, I love horror, so these are right up my sick and twisted alley. Here are 7 brutal death scenes from video games. Warning, some violent imagery is about to assault the eyeballs so NSFW.

Dead Space 2: Eyeball Surgery


If I started this list with anything but this, I would have been laughed away from the geek-gore-gaming scene for the rest of my life. Of all the brutal death scenes from video games, few sit with me the way the failed eyeball surgery scene from Dead Space 2 did.

Honestly, this was the moment I knew games had even surpassed horror films.

Resident Evil 6: Blender Head


Though the Resident Evil games from part 4 on had some great deaths, seeing your head get jammed into giant, whirring blades is not only gory, but pretty bleak as well. Thing is, this is from Resident Evil 6, which means no one actually saw it because the game was so sh*tty. Enough with the sequels, RE.

But man, it had some pretty gnarly death scenes for sure.

Tomb Raider (Reboot): Tree Through Brain


Man, they put Laura Croft through HELL in the most recent reboot, huh. There are SO many ways Laura can die brutally in this game if you miss a QTE, it was almost hard to pick just one. For me, though, when you are flowing down the river and you get the frigging tree jammed into your eye socket actually caused me to yell out loud while I was playing.

The wolf was pretty great, too.

Heavy Rain: Death by Psychotic Doc


If you get to the crazy doctor part in Heavy Rain, it can go two ways. You can escape traumatized by what the sicko was about to do to you. Or you can WITNESS what the sicko will do to you. This is one of the most brutal death scenes in video games because up to this point, you don’t even see it coming.

On top of that, unlike these other deaths on the list, you character stays dead after this encounter. Upsetting stuff for sure.

Dead Rising 2: Clown Saw-i-cide


Well, when a bad guys dies it is not as scarring as when the hero dies, but in this case, it made as much of an impression. Clowns suck enough, and are scary enough, but seeing one fall down on two working chainsaws is a death I never saw coming in video games.

I’ll admit, I kinda laughed when it happened, though. I was grateful the sick bastard finished the job for me.

Manhunt: Scythe to the Crotch


The Manhunt games are wonderfully awash in gore and blood and brutal deaths, so to pick one was hard. Then I recalled the scythe to the crotch, and it was a lot less hard, pun intended.

Yes, some other deaths may be gorier, but because I have actual balls, this one really stands out to me.

Mortal Kombat X: All of Them


If there is one game that has exemplified the growth of violence and gore in video games it is the Mortal Kombat series. And though most of the gore up until now has been somewhat safe and silly, with X, it is like they watched every horror movie and every death scene from any game or movie ever and upped them considerably.

To try to pick one fatality out of the hundreds in the new game to call the most gruesome would be impossible, so I thought just a nod to all of them felt like a fitting ending to a blood soaked list. Speaking of violence, why don’t we talk about sex now…..


Why Sex Scenes in Gaming Just Don’t Work (Yet)

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