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7 Cool, Geeky Gifts Your Friends Need This Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about gifts. From gag gifts to tech gadgets, here are some holiday gift ideas to make your geeky friends happy this holiday season.

1. A protractor pizza cutter

A great gift for anyone who loves math, the protractor pizza cutter is the best way to ensure every slice is even. Perfect for those who obsess over measuring slices or can’t handle uneven cuts.

Give this gift to your friends who tend to host all of your parties and gatherings, so you won’t have to worry about uneven pizza slices.

2. CBD gummies

What geek wouldn’t appreciate a non-psychoactive hemp extract that has the power to help them sleep after a long night playing WOW?

If you’ve got gamer friends who stay up late, they’re probably short on sleep. If they do sleep, they probably aren’t sleeping well. CBD gummies can help them sleep better by getting them into a deep state of REM sleep for longer periods of time. People who take CBD before bedtime report feeling refreshed in the morning. They feel like they slept more than they have in a long while.

THC also helps with sleep, but CBD gummies are better for people who don’t want the psychoactive effects you get with THC.

3. Fresh Face personalized air fresheners

This gift is geeky and creepy. These personalized face air fresheners are printed with the face of your choice, but they’re not exactly your typical personalized photo item. These air fresheners are cut out around the person’s head with no border, making them look like little heads dangling from a string.

Although these are creepy, with the right face, your friends will sport these hanging from their rearview mirror for all to see. The only question is, whose face will you use? And are you prepared to run and hide?

4. A Star Wars Millennium Falcon waffle maker

Move over Mickey Mouse, there’s a new waffle shape in town: the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but only when your waffles look like the most famous starship in history. (Sorry, Star Trek.)

If you have any Star Wars geeks in your life, they need this waffle maker. Breakfast will never be the same.

5. A Geek Fuel subscription box

Did subscription boxes die off? It seems like we haven’t heard about any of those boxes for a while. The world is probably tired of makeup and coffee boxes. Thankfully, someone stepped in to make a subscription box just for geeks!

The Geek Fuel subscription box is a treasure trove. You can get rare collectibles, t-shirts, random gadgets, and more. YouTubers who publish unboxing videos say the company doesn’t just stuff boxes with common items. The company’s attention to detail is apparent and you won’t be disappointed.

6. Butter flavored toothpicks

Butter makes everything better—at least in America. Europeans don’t have a butter obsession like we do in the states. For instance, they think it’s weird that Americans put butter on popcorn. How can anyone eat unbuttered popcorn? Somehow, they manage to survive.

Although Americans love butter, most would never eat it plain. That’s why butter-flavored toothpicks make the perfect gag gift for all of your friends. Even Americans will find it strange. Yet, don’t be surprised if you see someone sucking on a toothpick. Butter flavored toothpicks might be an acquired taste.

7. Beer or soda can holster belt

For the friend who drinks anything in a can, this belt is the perfect gift. The redneck beer and soda can holster belt will give your thirsty friends a way to carry their can of choice anywhere. They might get stopped by the theater, but anywhere else is fair game.

Giving this gift will make your friends laugh, but they’ll be secretly appreciative. If they’re worried a full belt will be too heavy, just tell them to stop letting their soda habit weigh them down.

Make this holiday season the geekiest season ever

If you’re trying to one-up your holiday seasons, some of these gifts should do the trick. Otherwise, keep searching for those perfect geeky gifts to make your friends smile, laugh, and snort, all at the same time.

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