Kickstarter Projects have been a source of innovative projects you would want to buy especially when you are into electronics or robotics. There are some projects wherein you think only professionals can do it like Integra Sources. Kickstarter can help you inspire your next project ideas that you could initially start as a hobby and who knows it can be something you can turn into a business idea as well.

Here are some electronic kickstarter projects worth taking a look at:

MAKERbuino – a DIY game console

This fulfills every gaming nerd’s dream! A gaming console that you can customize based on the games you want to have. The product comes in unassembled and lets you build it yourself. The kit includes all the needed electronic components to build your own portable gaming console. The best part is the price is almost the same as buying a new game from your normal gaming console. This makes it affordable and fun for geeks who are into building their own stuff. All you need are basic tools and you can choose among hundreds of games in an open-source library!

STEMTera Breadboard – Arduino compatible built-in breadboard

STEMTera is the first-ever breadboard that is Arduino compatible. It also has a LEGO-compatible bottom cover design. This makes it easy to integrate into multiple electronics or robotics projects you can build. The project was created in order to relieve customers of a common pain point they experience with Arduino which is having messy wires in the microcontroller board and breadboard. Moreover, it would want to improve mountability or installation of Arduino boards to any electronics projects you have.

Unwired One (formerly known as Black Swift)

Unwired is an affordable, pocket-size, powerful computer built for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Unwired can run OpenWRT Linux and also multiple systems such as C/C++, Python, Perl, and Bash scripting. It was created in order to help make up for the shortcomings of underpowered Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards with the addition of a WiFi adapter. This can be included in your next electronics projects such as a network music player or maybe a personal electronics meter.

Makeblock Neuron: An Electronic Building Block Platform

Makeblock is an electronic building block platform that lets you build electronics projects easily. It has over 30 blocks with different functionality enabling you to build your projects either offline or online. The app that they have created allows you to quickly follow flow-based programming with just a few commands. They have also created multiple kits that suit your project needs such as light control kit, science lab kit, and explorer kit.

ArcLighter – Flameless, Electronic Candle Lighter

ArcLighter is the first flameless and rechargeable electric candle. This patent-pending gadget can light candles, paper, gas, incense, and many more. What it does is that instead of using traditional flame, it uses an intense electricity formed in an arc to light different objects. This allows you to not utilize flame and fuel and is also safe to use. The rechargeable function makes it attractive to users that want a sustainable solution for their lighting tasks.

Bluz: A cloud-connected, Bluetooth LE development kit

Bluz Bluetooth LE helps bring the connection to your devices through a low-cost and easy-to-integrate solution. What is great about this tool is that it not only lets you connect with your mobile device but it can also be mounted to Spark cloud making it convenient for you to control wherever you may be.

Fibonacci Clock – An open-source clock for nerds with style

This Fibonacci Clock is made for people that are into the concept of the Fibonacci sequence. The screen of the clock has five squares wherein each side length corresponds to the five Fibonacci numbers. In order to read the clock, the hour represents the red and blue squares while the minutes are displayed in 5 minutes increments. This clock can also be a bedside lamp which makes it attractive to be displayed.

Those are some Kickstarter projects that could help inspire you to do your next electronics or robotics project. Some of the project owners initially started this as a hobby and eventually grew it into their source of income.

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