7 Game of Thrones Gifts on My Christmas Wishlist

Game of Thrones Gifts Christmas Wishlist

1. House Targaryen Cookie Stamp

What’s Christmas without cookies? Every family has its own tradition when it comes to Christmas cookies, but who says you can’t start your own tradition by serving up heaps of Game of Thrones cookies? This House Targaryen cookie stamp is a good place to start. I certainly wouldn’t say no to this and maybe even share the cookies with Santa.

You can buy them here, where you can also find cookie stamps of other houses if you don’t really like the Targaryens (which is blasphemy!).

2. Game of Thrones Monopoly

Monopoly may very well be the most played family game during the holiday period, and my family is not exempt. We love our Game of Thrones, and we love some bit of Monopoly fun although sometimes, things get out of hand. (I’m sure you can relate.)

In any case, this Game of Thrones Monopoly board will be an awesome gift this Christmas.

3. Game of Thrones Playing Cards

Playing cards are a must-have in every household. That’s not an endorsement for gambling, mind you, but a friendly (yet competitive, perhaps) game of cards is always fun during family get-togethers in the holiday period. Or if you’re going on a long road trip, a pack of cards will help keep boredom away. While I can live without playing cards, this vintage-looking Game of Thrones playing cards easily makes it to my Christmas wishlist.

4. House Stark Necklace

If you’re like me, who fell in love with the Starks from the get go, then you’ll understand why this House Stark necklace is on my Christmas wishlist. I’ve seen a lot of other necklaces bearing the House Stark sigil, but this one caught my attention due to the detail. I’m not sure if what you see is what you get, but what I see looks pretty darned good to me.
P.S. We’ve got a black dog named Summer. Go figure.

5. Dragonglass Necklace

For me, one of the most unforgettable moments while reading “A Storm of Swords” was when Sam stabbed one of The Others with a shard of dragonglass, which Jon gave to him. While it has been pointed out more than once that dragonglass in actually “just” obsidian, I think it’s more appropriate to call in dragonglass. And yes, I would love to wear a dragonglass necklace. After all, you never know when you might encounter one of The Others (or a group of them, God forbid). If you want to gift me one, you can get it here.

6. Iron Throne Toilet Decal

The Game of Thrones may be as serious as life itself, but there’s no harm in having a bit of fun, is there? You have got to agree that this Iron Throne toilet decal will make your experience on your own throne quite a novel one. You can always say that YOU won the Iron Throne. Even if you paid for it.

7. The next book in the series

This is the ultimate item. Wouldn’t it be the most wonderful Christmas present if George R.R. Martin were to announce that the next book is finally done and will be on the shelves in the first quarter of 2015? Sure, he had issued threats about us fans nagging him and killing off Tyrion if we don’t stop, but a girl’s got to try!

So there’s my Game of Thrones gifts Christmas wishlist. I think I’ve been good enough all year long, so Santa just might get me one or two of the items, but I would be totally content with the last one.

What’s on your Game of Thrones gifts Christmas wishlist?

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