7 Gaming Gadgets Every Serious Gamer Needs

If you are serious gamer, you should be treating yourself to the best gaming gadgets on the market. Not only will these gadgets drastically improve your gaming performance, but they will also make your time in front of the screen more enjoyable and comfortable! So, check out these gadgets to put on your wish list!

1. Focal Utopia

Simply the best headphones for your gaming experience. Focal Utopia headphones will satisfy the needs of any audiophile. Focal specializes is truly amazing open-air designs. With its open-back and over-ear cups, they provide comfort for all types of people. This product will bring your gaming experience even more to life. You can tune out the world around you, and tune into beating your personal best. These headphones were made to support long listening sessions with maximum comfort. These headphones are so well built and designed; you will be hooked after just one session.


The keyboard itself is water-resistant, rust-resistant and supports a life up to 80 million clicks. It’s a comfortable keyboard that will feel comfortable for hours and hours of play. Not only does this keyboard have 14 different colored LED backlight colors, but it also has reported fast responses on reviews and an extremely affordable price. The perfect gaming keyboard for your monitor!

3. HTC Vive

HTC Vive is the hottest virtual reality system on the market. The Vive comes with the fully immersive headset, 360-degree controllers made specifically for the virtual reality experience. A cool thing about HTC Vive, is that the creators strived to make a safer experience for the player. You will be able to be fully immersed into your virtual reality experience without breaking a sweat about what’s gong on around you. The front-facing camera can give you sight on the real world – so you can go about your day without even having to take the headset off.

4. X-Rocker Spider 2.1 Wireless

If you are a serious gamer, you need a serious gaming chair. The X-Rocker Spider is the perfect gaming chair for that fully immersive experience you are looking for. There are speakers built into the chair around your head, which are compatible with Xbox, Playstation, Wii, PSP and your standard home audio needs. The creators added extra vibration motors into the chair to sync with the bass tones from the game you are playing for an insanely realistic experience. The chair has a control panel to control the volume and bass, and an input/output jack for your headphones! It’s important to splurge on a nice chair for yourself if gaming is a serious hobby. Humans are not meant to sit all day, so if you are going to – do it right and get a comfy chair so you don’t end up with some serious back/neck issues!

5. Samsung CHG90 QLED

The widest gaming monitor of all the gaming monitors out there. This 49 inch super-wide 32:9 curved screen is without a doubt the best monitor for the ultimate gaming experience. With quantum dot technology and HDR support, you will be staring at the most breathtaking realistic colors and contrasts. The quantum dot technology houses a billion shades of color and the HDR support will bring any picture to life. Another great thing about this monitor is the eye-saving feature. Turning on eye-saver mode will reduce the blue light emissions for maximum visual comfort for your eyes. The only downside, of course, is that it is a pricey purchase. But, this monitor was literally designed for gamers and has all the bells and whistles you could ever want!

6. Razer DeathAdder Elite

This gaming mouse is widely popular amongst the gaming world. It is extremely comfortable for all size hands and fingers. The mouse is known for having the world’s most precise optical sensor. The grips on the scroll make for flawless scrolling. This mouse is the most universally liked amongst gamers for it’s comfort and simple, yet effective technology. And just when you thought it didn’t get any better, the price is reasonable and affordable!

7. Game Boy Advance

If you are a serious gamer, and you don’t have your Game Boy Advance, or previous game consoles lying around for old time’s sake, honestly – you are doing it wrong. It’s important as time goes on, and technology gets better and better, to remember and cherish our roots. Plus, carrying around your Game Boy Advance in your pocket or backpack will come in handy more than you would think. Go dig out your dusty Nintendo 64, untangle your wires and invite your friends over for a throwback game night tournament. With each trip around the sun, the gaming world is only getting crazier and crazier – sometimes it’s a nice, refreshing break to power off the Xbox and flip on the Gamecube and get back to the basics.


With these gadgets in your gaming setup, you will be set for hours upon hours of the best gaming experience possible. From the pure sounds of Focal Elear headphones, to the flawless visuals you’ll see with your Samsung CHG90 QLED curved monitor. It is truly amazing to see the innovations that have shown up in the gaming world over the past decade. Video games have come a long way from their humble 8bit beginnings, and the future promises yet unimagined gaming technologies that will be on the cutting edge of tech.

What is your favorite game genre of all time? Do you like the fast paced gameplay of FPS games like Call of Duty? Or do you prefer action packed MOBA battle arenas like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm? Tell us your best recommendations in the comments below.

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