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7 Geeky Gifts Marvel Fans Need

Marvel continues to impress with their line of fast-paced action movies that are full of jokes and heroes. If they’ve sucked you in as much as they have the millions of other geeks in the world, you’ll need to invest a little more time and energy into the merchandise.

To show you utter geekdom in all things superheroes, here are a few pieces of memorabilia you’ll want to collect.

Marvel Underwear

Let’s be honest…we’ve all put on our underwear and pretended we were our favorite superhero at least once or twice in our lives. In fact, David and Mike Appel – the founders of a new underwear company in Los Angeles – claim this was one of their early passions. “Looking back, it was this very underwear that gave the brothers the infinite confidence of superheroes as they’d spend countless hours running around the house and yard,” the website reads.

If you ever feel like stepping up your superhero underwear game, you’ll be happy to know that official Marvel underwear does exist – and you have plenty of choices.

Marvel Uniform Watch

Dressing up in a bland suit and tie everyday is boring. Everyone looks the same at work and there are very few ways to stand out and make a fashion statement. Here’s an idea: Purchase your very own personalized Marvel Uniform Watch. This watch says, “I’m an adult, but I’m still here to party.”

Avengers Waffle Iron

There’s no better way to supercharge your morning than by enjoying some crispy, golden, Avenger-themed waffles! While you could spend hours attempting to recreate these pancake art designs, we suggest going with this conveniently priced Avengers Waffle Iron. It includes molds for Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk. Now that’s a breakfast you can get excited about!

Marvel Chess Collection

Who doesn’t love a classic game of chess? Well, it’s time to make things slightly more interesting. Replace your standard chess pieces with this collection of heroes and villains. This unique set turns your average game of chess into a full-on battle of good against evil. Characters include Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Black Panther, Green Goblin, Ultron, Red Skull, and more.

Superhero Socks

While your superhero underwear is pretty cool, you’ll need some socks to pull off the look. Check out these options from ThinkGeek. They include gorgeous designs inspired by Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, and Black Widow. Best of all – you can get all three in a single pack for less than $15. That’s what we like to call a deal.

Infinity Gauntlet Ice Tray

No kitchen is complete without an Infinity Gauntlet Ice Tray that turns the simple task of cooling your drink into a powerful experience of good versus evil. Each tray measures 6×8 inches and includes six individual molds. Grab a bunch of these trays and they’ll come in handy for a Marvel-themed movie night.

Captain America Robe

After a long day of work, is there anything better than coming home to enjoy a nice hot shower or bath? The only thing better is knowing you have a Captain America robe waiting for you when you get out. This blue terry bathrobe is 100 percent cotton and features beautiful red and white embroidered details that will have you looking exactly like your favorite hero. Now that’s pretty neat!

Prove Your Geekdom

While you may already be capable of finishing every single line in the new Captain America movie, do you have the apparel and collectibles to prove your geekdom? Not only can you purchase licensed Marvel products, but you can also make your own Marvel-inspired items.

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