7 Halloween Costumes That Will Be A Huge Hit This Year

Halloween is the best night of the year, for the simple reason you get the shed the worry that goes along with being yourself and just take on the persona of your Halloween costume. Putting on a mask and becoming someone else can be a great escape from the searing tedium of life. And as everyone notices, every year there are certain costumes that seem to be the most popular, depending on what went on and what was popular that year. With that thinking in mind, here are 7 Halloween costumes that are bound to be the biggest in 2015.

Donald Trump ®

This is the political figure everyone is talking about, so it makes sense it would be the political figure the most people will be dressed as. The only thing people need to worry about is getting that damn dead cat he wears on his head as a hairpiece to look right.

Good thing you can just buy the mask and his hair already comes plastic like his personality. Truth is, going as any presidential candidate will be the biggest Halloween costume this year, no matter whom you choose, with Donald Chump leading the charge.

Zombie (White Walker) Jon Snow ®

This one just makes sense. You dress up like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, but you also make yourself look like a zombie because (SPOILER ALERT), he got the shit stabbed out of him at the end of last season. BUT, there are already shots of him on set for next season. So showing up as zombie Jon Snow will get you a lot of love.

Extra points if you can make it White Walker Jon Snow. Speaking of zombies….

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Any Zombie in General ®

With Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead being so popular, going out this Halloween as a zombie of any kind will get you some love and attention. Keep in mind, don’t just zombify yourself. Make yourself into a cool zombie that sets you apart.

Perhaps you are zombie doctor or a zombie Paul Walker or something. Just put some effort into it.

Snapchat Puking Rainbow ®


Yes, the new Snapchat pic feature seems to be all the rage right now. People with glittery eyes puking rainbows. Why? The internet, that’s why.

All you have to do is throw some glitter around your eyes and paint a rainbow coming out of your mouth and down your chin and neck. Bam, you are now the trendiest person ever and your Instagram is gonna have, like, SO many hits you guys.

Like, OMG!

Any Character from Rick and Morty ®

Rick and Morty is, without question, the best adult animated show on TV. From its originality to its pop culture references, the show just shines. It is also incredibly popular with a bevvy of amazing characters you can pull from (Mr. Meeseeks for the win!) and other fans of the show (of which there are many) will recognize you and definitely give you a high five or a shot of whiskey.

Either way, that’s a win.

A Mix of Two Comic Characters ®

So the comic book superhero movie thing has gotten a bit out of hand. That being said, just going out on Halloween dressed up in a superhero Halloween costume will no longer cut it. Anyone can be Batman or Spiderman (and many have for years). But do you realize the reception you would get if you mixed TWO recognizable characters from comics and made them into one?

So, for example, imagine if Batman and Iron Man somehow merged. Granted, this might not be an easy costume to pull off, but you could be the king or queen of the world if you could do it. Just don’t go as Dark Claw. Despite what the above meme implies, he looks like an idiot.

Any Mad Max: Fury Road Character ®

I honestly believe it will come down to Furiosa and Immortan Joe. These will be the two most common Mad Max costumes you will see this year (because they are the coolest and most memorable, whereas Max could be seen as any post apocalyptic character). Few movies had the impact this year that Fury Road had, and there was eve a recent festival that gathered together Mad Max fans (who showed up all in costumes and partied in the desert for days).

So while this year may have its typical guys in hockey masks and women dressed in next to nothing, know you will run the show if you show up in any of the Halloween costumes mentioned above. Only thing is, if you win a cash prize for best costume, you have to share it with me. Fine print, my friends. Notice the trademark next to each costume idea. Yeah, I just reserved all financial rights for those ideas, so come November 1st, safe to say I will be doing well, financially.

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