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7 Home Automation Upgrades the Serious Gamer Needs

If you’re still gaming with just your console or computer and headphones, you’re missing out. Recent smart-home technology offers a whole new, totally immersive experience.

Through smart-home automation upgrades, several facets of your gaming activity will be transformed, from the room’s atmosphere to your effectiveness as a player. If you had the opportunity to become a better, more satisfied player overnight, wouldn’t you take it?

Getting to that point is as simple as installing a few smart-home technologies. Here are some of the top smart-home integration channels for gamers.

1. Doorbell Alert

How many times have you been so mesmerized by your game, with the sound blaring at full volume, that you completely missed the UPS carrier at the door or left your buddy standing at the door when he came over to join you?

Smart doorbells can alert you visually that someone’s at the door, with an integrated on-screen system. This can be controlled from a mobile device, computer, or television, depending on how it’s set up.

Aside from alerting you that someone is there, you can also communicate with the visitor through a keypad at the entrance. It will show you with a camera who is knocking, and give you several options for response.

You can open the front door and have it lock behind the visitor after he or she enters. Or you can ignore the visitor and pretend there’s no one home. Either way, you don’t have to leave your game.

2. Switch Between Entertainment Modes

With a swipe of the finger, you can use your mobile device to move from your gaming console to television, music, movie, or any other options connected to your TV. There are also tools that let you perform voice-activated shut-down if you’re not near your phone. This makes taking a break or heading to bed at the end of a session pretty simple.

3. Smart Lighting Options

Have you thought about a little mood lighting when you’re gaming? Smart lights can be installed to allow easy adjustments to light intensity, latitude, and even color.

Perhaps the light from the television hurts your eyes after you’ve played for awhile. Stay on top of your game by dimming the lights or changing the color near the TV to reduce glare. Smart lights are also great when you’re gaming in a group, because you can create a party-like atmosphere to enhance the experience.

Lighting options can also be controlled from your phone or even through voice activation. With the push of a touchscreen button, you can take your entertainment zone to a whole new, ultra-stimulating level.

4. Immersive Surround Sound

Noise-cancelling headphones are great for immersing you in the sounds of your game, but they’re not as thrilling as a surround-sound system that you can control as easily as your smart lights. Most modern-day surround-sound technology can be integrated into a control system on your phone. You can link to your gaming consoles, television, computer, and other relevant devices to offer total control and clarity.

5. Smart Atmosphere Changes

Getting into the mood for high performance gaming is also easier when your atmosphere is optimized to enhance concentration. In addition to the sound and light, you can use smart tech to turn on your TV and computer screens, lock the door, pause your game, close the shades, and more. You can even program your smart tech to do multiple things at a push of a button, and thus achieve a totally hassle-free gaming atmosphere.

6. Mood Music

The sound effects of your favorite game may be great, but sometimes the background music gets tedious or overbearing. Some gamers find it more exhilarating to play their own beats in the background, which is simple with smart-home automation.

Most smart-music tools are voice activated. Simply say the name of your favorite gaming playlist, and the music will start up immediately. It can even be transferred to your surround-sound speakers, to create the ideal gaming environment.

7. Integrated Gaming Headsets

Many gaming headsets can be connected wirelessly to your game console and to the Internet, which will enable you to chat with friends non-stop, even when you pause the game to get a snack.

The Internet connectivity and programmable nature of many of these headphones also offers greater control over your online interactions. Using voice commands, you can connect with friends and create a totally immersive experience.

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