7 of the Geekiest Types of Jewelry Around

Geek culture is taking a stand and coming back with some pretty cool stuff. There’s no reason to hide your geek pride, and we thought this collection of awesome geeky jewelry would be just the thing for you!

1. Apple Jewelry

We all know how much Apple fans love their products, and now there’s a collection of Apple-themed jewelry to feed the obsession, including a set of sterling silver earbud-shaped earrings, an iPhone app charm bracelet, iPhone home button studs, and iPhone-shaped dangling earrings.

One of the coolest things is the Apple log-shaped earrings and necklace set made from opal. Opal is the perfect jewel for custom-made jewelry. “Solid opal can be cut into many shapes,” according to Opal Australia. “Unlike diamonds and other precious gemstones, it is not cut into facets because this would spoil the play of colour with reflections. Usually it is cut into a softly curved cabochon, or into beads, cameos and various freeform shapes.” That’s what makes opal jewelry so great for the geekiest options around.

2. Computer Jewelry

If you love computers in general, there is still a plethora of jewelry for you. Start off with a computer keycap ring. You could even pop the question with a “?” keycap. Or, if you don’t think your partner will go for anything less than a giant, sparkly jewel, pull out a crystal engagement ring with a handy USB flash drive hidden inside.

3. Gamer Jewelry

Start out by showing your love for the video gaming world with a collection of controller-shaped earrings and necklaces that range from Wii-motes to Playstation controllers. You might also want a pixelated leather necklace for the days you really want to express your love for gaming. When you’ve had your fill of that, turn to character pieces such as Pac Man cufflinks, a Super Smash Bros star necklace, a Pokemon engraved ring, and a Legend of Zelda Triforce necklace.

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4. Super Hero

“It seems pretty clear that the [superhero] genre is riding a nearly unprecedented wave of popularity across the world,” according to an article on WiseGeek. If you’re one of those that increases the rising number of superhero fans, show your love for the genre by getting an assortment of superhero-themed jewelry.

Start with a Captain America shield necklace and earrings, then move on to an Iron Man chest generator-inspired ring. If you’re more of a DC Comics fan, try Superman earrings or a Batman charm bracelet. The great thing about the superhero world is that it’s so popular, you can find jewelry for almost every symbol and character out there.

5. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is one of the most timeless, favorite book and movie series of all time, and if you’re a fan, let everyone know it! There’s lightning scar-shaped earrings, quidditch charm bracelets, and the Deathly Hallows necklace. The ring shaped like Harry’s glasses is especially exceptional.

6. Star Trek

Can you really call yourself a true Trekkie if you don’t have a “live long and prosper” necklace? It’s a sterling silver hand with the fingers separated into Spock’s famous signal, and it’s totally legit. You’ll also want to look into getting a communicator broach to wear with your favorite ensemble. These items make the perfect gift for your friends who know Star Trek best.

7. Star Wars

As an entirely separate entity from Star Trek, Star Wars also has several fabulous jewelry items. From rings imprinted with the iconic logo to bad guy-inspired charm bracelets that include helmets of storm troopers, Darth Vader, bounty hunters, and more, you have your choice of jewelry to offset your geekiness. The force is strong with this collection.

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