7 Tips to Have the Best Movie Theater Experience at Home

Not that long ago if you had to have a movie experience the only way was to drive to the cinema, buy tickets and some popcorn. But today, the way we experience cinema has completely changed. We get addicted to streaming on our laptops and tablets, binge-watching a TV series, without the need to do it with someone else.  Luckily, today, thanks to the swift development of technology anyone can build their personal home theater and experience the traditional feeling of watching a movie at the cinema. With the tips given below you can easily have your best movie theater experience at home.

Go wireless if you can

Thanks to the development of wireless technology you can easily build your wireless home theater. The good things with such setup are that there are no wires to worry about. Your kids won’t trip over them, you can easily upgrade or replace the equipment, and even move it to another room if needed. Installing everything is fairly easy and you can control either via a remote or using an app on your smartphone.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a wired home theater setup. Just make sure to hide all the cables and wires. And one more thing, take care of the quality of your cables. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on high-quality cables, but some of decent quality will do the job.

Pay attention to daylight

When we talk about home theaters, we can say that there is a golden rule here – the darker it is, the better the picture is. If your room has windows, we highly recommend installing motorized shades. You will be able to control these shades either using your smartphone or a remote. You can choose a wired and wireless option here. They both work perfectly fine, except with the wireless option you will have to change the batteries every other year. But that’s not too difficult. Another good thing about installing shades on your windows is that they will improve the acoustic of your room and once you install them you won’t have to climb up ever again to reach that small, hard to reach window just under the ceiling to put the shades on.

Acoustic Treatments 

Acoustic treatments are important as they help us fine-tune the sound and they help us maintain a good relationship with our neighbors. The reverberation in our home theater can be reduced with the help of a carpet, acoustic panels, a comfy sofa. Even the motorized shades we have mentioned earlier will prevent the sound bouncing off the windows. This means no echoes and undesired vibrations. Other things you should take care of are a soundproof door and insulation. By doing this you won’t have to worry whether you are disturbing anyone else in your house while you watch your favorite horror movie or football match.

Position Your Speakers with Care

When movies are being produced today special attention is paid to surround sound and making sure you can hear even the tiniest details. This helps in creating an amazing experience and in order to achieve this, you have to position your speakers with care. Ideally, you should place the subwoofer, the center speaker and main channels in the front and the surround speakers around you for optimal surround sound experience. Also, you should aim to position the speakers somewhere around head height if possible. Test positioning them in different angles to get the best sound possible. Home theater systems are very important, James Longman from Audio Reputation recommended some amazing speakers in this article. 

Calibrate your TV

Most TVs sold today are set in the factory in a so-called “torch mode”. This is practically the brightest setting available on the specific TV. Although this torch mode looks awesome in the store, it’s pretty bad when you have to watch movies in your home theater. Therefore, the first thing you have to do before watching a movie is to go through the settings and eliminate this torch mode. Tweak the settings until you get some soft colors and set the black levels properly. It may take you some time, but your watching experience will be much more enjoyable when the movie starts. 

Personal comfort

Personal comfort is equally important as audio and picture quality. If your home theater is messy, with wires all around, bulky equipment, and so on, you will be easily distracted from the main event. Therefore, it is important to keep everything free of distractions. Hide all the cables and wires, as well as the audio and video equipment you don’t really need to see all the time. You can also install some of the speakers in your walls and ceiling. The sofa you are going to spend time watching movies has to be very comfortable. And finally, when you combine everything you will be able to best movie theater experience at home

Add Some Cool Props

The main idea of a home theater is to give you the best possible experience of a real movie theater. That’s why it’s a good idea to decorate your room with some movie posters, cardboard props, a popcorn machine and even a mini-fridge to have your favorite drinks near you. As an additional level of comfort, you can throw some pillows and blankets on your sofa. This will definitely bring the comfort of watching movies to a completely new level.

The tips given above will definitely improve your movie theater experience at home. But let’s not forget the most important tip of all – enjoy your home theater! It should be a place where you can relax and enjoy your time with your friends and family. So, just invite them either to watch the Super Bowl, or one of the latest blockbusters. You will definitely have a great time and maybe you will recall that long lost feeling you had after watching a movie at the cinema.

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