7 Most Unhinged Movie Heroes Of All Time

Some movie heroes are rough around the edges, and some are downright crazy.

In our opinion, the anti-hero has always been more interesting than your standard boy scout, and one look at the seven names on this list will cause you to agree. Let’s get started, but first, a word of warning: these bad good guys do not play by the rules.

(SPOILERS ahead!)

7. Martin Riggs, Lethal Weapon

Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) has no regard for his safety and well-being in the first (and best) Lethal Weapon. He’s physically unkempt, considers shooting himself at one point, and allows himself to be tortured for hours until he can finally get the drop on his tormentors. In the film’s final moments, with the bad guy dead-to-rights, he decides to first fight him on Murtaugh’s front yard instead of arresting him.

6. Leo Kessler, 10 To Midnight

Kessler (Charles Bronson) knows who a serial killer is, but he doesn’t have the evidence to prove it. Not a problem when you can just plant the evidence yourself. When the killer targets Kessler’s daughter, he responds as any dad would.

5. Creasey, Man On Fire

Creasey (Denzel Washington) isn’t just out for blood; he’s downright creative in how he gets it. Just how creative? I believe this is the only film ever to use an explosive implanted into a bad guy’s rectum.

4. Norman Bates, Psycho II

But… but… Norman Bates is a psychopathic killer, he’s not a good guy! In the original, you’re right. In the second, however, he very much is. Bates has been released after 22 years in a state asylum. Determined to get his life on the right path, he does all the right things until he becomes the target of a serial killer, who may or may not be his dead Mother. In the end, we find out that Bates is not the killer, but instead a victim of manipulation, and the true killer is the person who gets this:

3. Darth Vader, Return Of The Jedi

Vader is definitely the bad guy in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. (We’ll pretend the prequels don’t exist. In ROTJ, though, he has a change of heart after doing the Emperor’s bidding for the first two acts. But when that change of heart finally comes, it’s a thing of beauty.

2. Harry Callahan, Dirty Harry

Callahan (Clint Eastwood) is not above torturing a suspect to obtain evidence. He’s also perfectly okay with splattering the SOB all over the quarry in the film’s final moments. No need for an arrest.

1. Critical Bill, Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

And here he is: the craziest of all good guys. Critical Bill (Treat Williams) is probably the most paranoid character we’ve ever met. That paranoia comes in handy when an unstoppable hit man targets him and some other hoods with whom he’s chummy. Bill also uses dead bodies as heavy bags for his boxing workouts, and he’s voluntarily eaten poop.

Those are our picks for the craziest movie heroes. Did we leave any out? Share your thoughts below.

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