Before I say anything about this list or A.I or game companions, I need to make a point. Despite what you may see this list and what many other games may feel, I f*cking LOVE Claptrap (and obviously enough other people do as well to make him a playable character in the Borderlands prequel) so let’s just get that out of the way. I can share the list because I have had plenty of gaming companions I have wanted to kill, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with EVERY entry, know what I am saying?

But (and there is always a gaping butt with me)…

We all know EXACTLY what this list is getting at. Those  A.I gaming companions and characters who drove us nuts and we would aim the fire reticle at and keep hitting the button to shut them up but the game itself wouldn’t allow us. I am sick, if I could have, I would’ve pull Navi’s wings off and listen to her cute, tiny, screams of pain as I danced around her slowly dying light. That, to me, would be more gratifying than actually having her play by my side in Ocarina of Time. Just saying.

So here is a list full of gaming companions that suck ass, but the games themselves are too cruel to actually let us kill.


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