8 Best James Bond Opening Title Songs (And Sequences)

The James Bond opening is as iconic as the suave, sophisticated secret agent himself. It simply wouldn’t be a Bond film if it didn’t begin with a slam-bang action sequence that then dissolves into a sexy, alluring music video (of sorts). In honor of this well-honored tradition, we’ve decided to pick the 8 Best James Bond Opening Title Songs (And Sequences) of all time. Here goes!

8. “The World Is Not Enough” By Garbage (The World Is Not Enough)

The Pierce Brosnan James Bond films always fell way short of their potential, and The World Is Not Enough is no exception. However, this stunning opening title sequence of the titular song (crooned by Shirley Manson of Garbage) is one of the most memorable in our opinion. (Or maybe we just have a thing for Manson. Could be.)

7. “Licence To Kill” By Gladys Knight (Licence To Kill)

Timothy Dalton as James Bond definitely deserves more love than he got. Unfortunately, we only got him for two films, and of the pair, the opening title sequence from Licence To Kill is the best. Movie-wise, LTK is neck-and-neck with his other effort, The Living Daylights.

6. “A View To A Kill” By Duran Duran (A View To A Kill)

A View To A Kill is a big, dumb, fun mess of a movie, with the villainous pair of Christopher Walken and Grace Jones providing most of the tension for our smarmy secret agent (Roger Moore). As for openings, it’s a strong one, thanks to this famous contribution from Duran Duran.

5. “The Spy Who Loved Me” By Carly Simon (The Spy Who Loved Me)

Roger Moore’s Bond was much more lighthearted than any from before or after, and that’s why we love him. We might not go as far as saying, “Nobody does it better,” but he certainly holds his own with Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, and The Spy Who Loved Me is one of the best Bond films of all time, with one of the best openings.

4. “You Know My Name” By Chris Cornell (Casino Royale)

One of the few times the song title differed from the movie title. Singer Chris Cornell doesn’t seem like the typical Bond crooner, but this is a perfectly written and placed tune supported by some very cool visuals. We wish it could be higher, but as you’re about to see, it faces stiff competition.

3. “Goldfinger” By Shirley Bassie (Goldfinger)

This. Is. Awesome. Shirley Bassey’s titular song was also the inspiration for another entry on this list — “Licence To Kill” — so much so, that royalties had to be paid out to the original composers of “Goldfinger” when the later film dropped. This is probably the most iconic of all James Bond opening title sequences.

2. “Live And Let Die” By Paul McCartney & Wings (Live And Let Die)

Ah, voodoo Bond. Definitely not the best film in the series, but its opening is hard to beat with Paul McCartney and Wings at the height of their awesomeness. Without this, we may have never had the equally awesome Guns ’N Roses version either.

1. “Another Way To Die” By Jack White & Alicia Keys (Quantum Of Solace)

Continuing the trend established with No. 2 of the not-so-awesome flicks having the most awesome lead-ins, we give top honors to Quantum Of Solace and “Another Way To Die” by musical genius Jack White and sultry vocalist Alicia Keys. We can’t start this song without finishing it. Ever.

Which James Bond opening title songs (and sequences) do you think are the best? Share your thoughts in our comments section!

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