8 Brilliant Geeky Easter Egg Ideas

Every year, kids and kids at heart look forward to Easter when they can call forth their creative juices to paint, dye, and decorate eggs – not to mention the actual Easter egg hunt, which is always fun. (Though it sometimes results in frustration getting to people who can’t sniff out the eggs.)

No matter if you’re not actually holding a hunt this Easter. With these brilliant geek Easter egg ideas, you’ll still have tons of fun making them, not to mention showing them off.

1. Eggvengers

Forget the usual “just dye or paint” and you’re done. Go one step further and dress up your dyed eggs with a bit of paper craft.

The Eggvengers are ready to take on Yolktron…

Don’t blame us for the bad puns. That’s on the guys of Halloween Costumes. ;)

Still, you have to admit that these are brilliant Easter egg ideas. For full instructions for each Eggvenger, check out their post.

2. DespEGGable Me

Here’s another punny Easter egg idea: dress up your eggs as Minions! Who doesn’t love these little buggers? You and your kids will certainly have a lot of fun making these eggs.

Step by step instructions here.

3. Shellock: The Reichensplat Fall

Sherlock fans will love this one.

We couldn’t find instructions, but I bet with your skills of observation, you can come up with something close enough.

4. Baymax Easter Eggs

“Hi. I’m Baymax…”

If everyone loves the minions, then we love Baymax even more! So when we saw this simple Baymax-inspired Easter egg, we knew we had to mention it.

It’s really so easy, you don’t even have to dye the eggs; and if you think it’s too simplistic, just see how the kids will react. Make sure you’ve got Baymax’s voice on your phone and play it during the egg hunt.


5. Tattooed Eggs

Kids love sticker tattooes. And adults who can’t bear the thought of needles, but want to have fun. (Or maybe something else.)

In any case, this is a brilliant way of making Easter eggs without much of a hassle. Just buy some sticker tattoos and stick them on to the eggs. Done!


6. Harry Potter Eggs


This one doesn’t need much of an explanation, does it? It will take you quite a bit of effort to get them done just right, but it’s probably going to be worth it.

7. LEGO Minifigs

Of course, we had to have some LEGO. There are many LEGO Easter egg ideas out there, but this one is similar to the tattooed eggs we showed earlier. Mom blogger Autumn says she bought Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper and printed the minifigs on them. The rest is history…

If you think about it, with this tattoo paper, you can print whatever design you want and make your tattooed Easter eggs.

8. Super Mario Bros.

Sure, everyone’s heard of (and probably implemented) this idea, but it’s too cool not to do again. And again. And again.

In case you need really good-looking Super Mario Bros. Easter eggs – professional standards, you know – follow the instructions here.

Because Easter eggs:

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