8 Reflections On WrestleMania From A Guy Who Doesn't (Usually) Watch Wrestling

Now that we’ve put a couple of days behind us and WrestleMania 30, it’s time to reflect on the “biggest stage of them all.” Overall, it was a good show — not worth $59.99 but more than worth the $9.99 it cost as a WWE Network subscriber. It had highs and lows, but was good enough to keep a guy like me interested.

Full disclosure: I stopped watching wrestling altogether around 2006. The Network concept is what brought me back, and overall I’m very pleased, though I do still have a few criticisms. Let’s start.


The Undertaker Is Done (Or At Least, Should Be).

The match was absolutely horrible. Slow, boring, and a less-than-fitting tribute to one of the biggest stars in your company’s history. We can debate all day as to whether the match was changed due to ‘Taker’s massive concussion; we can fight over whether Brock Lesnar was a worthy opponent for ending the streak; but one thing we can’t argue is that this match was pure garbage.

WWE Still Isn’t Sure What To Do With Bray Wyatt.

It made absolutely no sense giving John Cena the win over Bray Wyatt. The match was okay (if slow and a little methodical), but that finish was a huge setback for one of the company’s most interesting talents.

The Company Totally Gets How To Fuse Past And Present.

The Rock, Stone Cold, and Hulk Hogan, sharing the ring to start the show; the nod to Wrestlemania III with Cesaro body slamming The Big Show over the top rope in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal; the burying of the hatchet between Paul Orndorff, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan, and Mr. T. All of this was loving tribute, but the highlights of the night were crafted around the new talent.

Having Your Best Matches At The Beginning And End Is Dangerous.

There was a huge lull after the 30-Man Battle Royal, which followed the second best match of the night (Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H). We hoped for a big pop from John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, then another from The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, but both matches were pretty blah and uninteresting.

Criticism Of Triple H Is Unwarranted.

Triple H gets a lot of criticism for being where he is while married to the Boss’s daughter, but he’s never too proud to put someone over. He did it with Batista several years ago, and on Sunday night, he did it with Daniel Bryan. Lay off the guy.

CM Punk Isn’t Coming Back.

If you’re going to bring CM Punk back, your biggest show is the time to do it. I wouldn’t expect him any time over the next 250 to 300 days (if then).

Sticking It To The Man Is Cool — Then, Now, Forever.

The Attitude Era was all about bucking the system and sticking it to the Man. This apparently never gets old because the whole Daniel Bryan storyline with the Authority was a masterful rework. I didn’t know who Daniel Bryan was when I signed up for the WWE Network on its inaugural week. In one month, the company made me a fan.

The WWE Network Has Arrived.

For about half a week, the Network had problems, but WWE has continually improved it, and WrestleMania weekend couldn’t have gone any smoother. HBO could learn a thing or two from how this has been executed.

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