Most love stories have a boy and girl meeting under rather normal conditions, either at an event, during their daily activities, or at school/work. Anime, on the other hand, has some pretty wacky ways in which a boy and girl meet, especially when the boy is single and living alone. Here are just some of the wacky ways in which anime couples have met.

1. Trash-picking

Most people probably wouldn’t go out with someone that rummaged through the trash. What’s even more awkward is finding a girl in the trash. Hideki met the girl of his dreams when he spotted her in the trash and brought her back home. In the world of Chobits, personal computers are in the shape of young girls and can do everything a person can do and more. Chii was an abandoned computer that Hideko grows attached to.

2. Dialing the Wrong Number

While I have heard of couples getting together after one of them dialed the wrong number, it was nothing like in Ah! My Goddess. After failing to get through to a take-out place, Keiichi accidently calls the Goddess Helpline, prompting a goddess named Belldandy to pop out of his mirror and offering him one wish. Thinking that this was a prank, Keiichi wishes for her to be with him forever and the rest is history.

3. Mail Order

We’ve all heard of the term “mail-order bride”, but how often does a girl actually get mailed to a lonely guy (by his father, no less)? In anime, this is actually quite common. In series such as Mamotte Shugogetten and C3 a pretty girl was mailed to a boy living by himself. A body wasn’t actually stuffed into a box though, the girls were magically sealed into their respective magical items.

4. Falling from the Sky

People get struck by lightning all of the time, but I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anyone being struck by a girl falling from the sky. That’s not to say that anime won’t make it happen. In Princess Rouge: Legend of the Last Labyrinth, Yusuke is riding his bike through a storm when he is suddenly struck by a girl falling from the sky. More recent examples include Bakemonogatari and Ano Natsu de Matteru.

5. Have my Body, Literally

Generally when a boy meets a girl, he would hope that she doesn’t blast him to bits. Unfortunately for Tsutomu, that’s exactly what happens to him. In Birdy the Mighty, inspector Birdy is hunting down an intergalactic criminal and in the process accidently obliterates Tsutomu, who happens to get caught in the crossfire. In order to save his life, she transfers his consciousness into her own body. Two people, one body; it gives a whole new meaning to bonding.

6. Daddy, er… Honey

The Bunny Drop anime did not cover the entire story, but it does go through how Rin and Daikichi meet. When Daikichi goes to his grandfather’s funeral, he discovers that his grandfather has a 6-year-old daughter that now has no one to look after her. Feeling sorry for Rin, Daikichi decides to adopt her. While the anime ends with Rin still a child, the manga continues on until Rin has grown up and developed feelings for Daikichi. This is perhaps one of the stranger relationships out there.

7. Slash and Kiss

Elimination games typically focus on strategy and desperation. With everyone out to kill each other, you would not think it would be common to be thinking of love. Once again anime goes against what most people would consider normal and pairs up Yukiteru with a crazy yandere named Yuno in Mirai Nikki. Technically they should be trying to kill each other, but Yuno is deeply in love with Yukiteru and as time goes on, Yukiteru starts falling for this mass murderer and becomes one himself.

8. Let’s Get Married, It’s the Law

One of the problems that Japan is facing is declining birth rates. One anime’s solution to this problem is simple, forced marriage. In Final Approach Ryo is forced by the government to marry a girl named Shizuka, who he meets when she breaks into his home surrounded by government agents. While Shizuka is ecstatic about getting married, Ryo wants nothing to do with it.

Anime has many wacky situations under which a boy and girl can meet. If you know of others that haven’t been mentioned here, feel free to share in the comments.

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